Modern SKY Cabin Mid-Century in the Woods

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In this episode, we’re going to show you a beautiful mid-century modern cabin in Skykomish, Washington, United States.

Beautiful mid century modern cabin
Beautiful Mid Century Modern Cabin

Beautiful mid century modern cabin

We are located in just a beautiful area right on the Skykomish river and you have the mountains all around that and just the scenery of where you are located in Skykomish is incredible.

When you arrive at Skycommish you pull up to your cabin and it is tucked away among these absolutely huge trees that are either Douglas firs or evergreens.

The exterior of the cabin
The Exterior of the Cabin

The exterior of the cabin

This cabin’s exterior has a unique shape to it with the point and floor-to-ceiling windows. The interior has crazy natural light from the windows and is perfectly cozy.

The cabin is spotless and open space, with a lovely fireplace for ambiance, and a fully equipped kitchen. Lots of windows and surrounding trees.

The exterior of the cabin

The cabin is peaceful in a quiet space surrounded by beautiful trees and also in a good location to explore the surrounding areas.

The Fire Pit

You have a small fire pit area out here as well, this is just a small and intimate area for you and your cabin.

The fire pit area of the cabin

Inside this Cabin

The first thing that you’d walk into though is kind of your welcome area you have a rack to put your shoes and jacket and next to that is one of the cozy aspects of this cabin is your fireplace and you can light it in the winter whenever you want and just sit out here.

Inside this cabin

The Living Room of the Cabin

In the living space, you’ve got this awesome couch right up against this wall fitting with the rest of this cabin and even has built-in side tables on the side of it which is really cool, and the rug and coffee table in the middle, and a couple of cushions.

The Dining Space

You have this four-person dining table, it is perfect for an intimate dinner.

The Kitchen

This is an intimate kitchen space with very unique design because of just the shape of this cabin, the kitchen counters kind of come to a point right here so it’s like a V-Shaped kitchen.

So it’s pretty tight but I didn’t think it was too small at all I mean this is much bigger than a tiny house kitchen so that is nice to have, you have plenty of cabinet space in here.

The Bedroom of the Cabin

This is actually your first bedroom this isn’t the main bedroom, this is just the spare bedroom this place can sleep up to four people which is awesome, and here’s just a queen-size bed this is the carpeted area of this cabin which makes it even cozier and you have all of these windows here.

The Laundry Room

You’ve got a washer and dryer in here which is nice and then the last room in this hallway is your bathroom.

The Bathroom of this Cabin

You’ve got a vanity right in front of you and your mirror this is the same color scheme and design as the rest of the cabin they kept everything.

The Main Bedroom Space

This is all the bedroom space up here, you’ve got a bed up here against this wall, and right next to that is a seating area with your corner windows very intimate and cozy spot with all the lighting set up.

Thanks to Levi Kelly.
You can find out more about this sky cabin and book your stay on Airbnb.


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