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Modern Scandinavian A-Frame Cabin on the Maurice River

Hello, everyone!
In this episode, we will see a modern A-frame cabin in Maurice River, New Jersey, United States.

This cabin is whimsical, and it was relaxing to be around so much beautiful nature! Hanging out in the hammock on the deck with the trees – so peaceful. Enjoyed the views from the river beach. The place had it all for a cozy cabin in the woods.

Modern Scandinavian A-Frame Cabin on the Maurice River

Modern Scandinavian A-Frame Cabin on the Maurice River

This is a modern A Frame cabin designed and built by Lokal Hotel located in a secluded, rural setting allowing you to escape from urban life while still having modern amenities.

The outside area of this A-frame cabin

The outside area of this A-frame cabin

It has several Scandinavian design elements such as the wood paneling in the interior and the heavy use of cement in the kitchen and the bathrooms. If you like modern interior design as I do, you’re going to love this place!

Not only is this A-Frame quite spacious with 3 bedrooms, a fully renovated basement, and a wide-open floor plan, but it has some world-class outdoor amenities like 2 fire pits, a hammock, a hot tub, and riverfront access with a private beach.

The fire pit area of the A-frame cabin
The fire pit area of the A-frame cabin

The Interior

It wouldn’t be an A-frame without those really tall and high vaulted ceilings, definitely has that Scandinavian design element with the wood paneling. You’ve got this pretty sweet sitting area though.

The biggest feature is this really massive couch. You can probably fit a least three or four people just on that couch alone.

There's also a movie screen projector. A-Frame Cabin
There’s also a movie screen projector.

The Kitchen of this A-Frame Cabin

It’s quite spacious, you can probably fit like five, or six people around just the kitchen table alone. The kitchen is very modern and all stainless steel appliances from the fridge to the stovetop and the oven.

The First Bedroom

This is the first bedroom, this is where you will sleep on the first floor. Again very modern Scandinavian with all the wood paneling and basically every square inch of this place. I really love this setup though, especially kind of this really cool art piece.

You also have this closet in this bedroom.

The First Bathroom

I really loved the tiling and the white and modern finishing throughout this bathroom.

The Basement of the A-Frame Cabin

This is kind of the entryway into the main basement area. Kind of that flooring kind of reminds me of the artwork we saw behind the bed and the bedroom.

The basement is comprised of two main parts. You have the first kind of this entertainment space, has that red couch, and then directly across the way you have a smart TV.

You’ve got four beds over in this corner, it’s perfect for the kids and each bed kind of has its own capsule, its own space. You can pull back a curtain for privacy.

The Loft Area of this A-Frame Cabin

Your first welcome by this desk space. You can get some work done there if you want and kind of down the hallway more, you do have your second bathroom.

The Second Bathroom

This bathroom is a very similar design to the bathroom we’ve seen downstairs with all the tiling and kind of the sink and the mirror.

But the main difference is that instead of a bathtub, you have this really beautiful-looking shower, also getting kind of that concrete Scandinavian style, but I really just love any kind of type of modern interior design these days.

The Second Bedroom

We’ll now head into the final room in this A-frame cabin and that would be the loft bedroom you see right here. The loft area is typically my favorite room out of any A-frame cabinet.

I just love how the A or the top of the A with these two different angles kind of intersect and this ceiling which is really cool to wake up to every morning. The first thing you see when you open your eyes, especially with the added Scandinavian design element.

If you walk straight out from your bed, then you have your own private deck with two chairs and little table in this space.

Thanks to MikeWillTravel.
You can find out more about this A-frame cabin and book your stay on Airbnb.


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