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Modern Rustic Tiny House with Loads of Unique Features.

In this episode, we will see Modern Rustic Tiny House with Loads of Unique Features.

Tiny house

Tiny house

This tiny house is located in Alkali Lake, British Columbia, Canada, and this tiny house is called Skelton which means salmon so you can see the shape of the rafters and on the front side, it has a salmon shape.tiny house This tiny house on wheels is just 24-foot-long and 8-foot-wide that has an impressively intricate curved gable roof with a rounded dormer it also has hand-carved accents in the barrel door and roofline trim.

The Living room of The Tiny House

This living room is spacious and bright there is a large couch it is very comfortable and you can sit and enjoy the view behind this there is a fireplace it’s very nice in the wintertime when it gets cold just have that to get some heat to make this house feels cozy. There is a little bookshelf with a window above that it’s very large and makes this house bright and airy you can open it and get some natural air as well.

The Kitchen Space of the Tiny House

This kitchen is very spacious and beautiful, the countertop is very plenty of space for you to easily make some meals and there is a huge and deep sink in the middle below the white and cool window.

On the other side, there is a stovetop it’s a three-burner stovetop and behind that, there are a lot of cabinets and a mini fridge, this kitchen is not too big but also has everything you need.

The Bathroom Area

This bathroom is located at the end of this tiny house it’s a tiny bathroom but it is very beautiful and bright and airy.

There is a clean toilet in the little corner and we have a little sink with a mirror that opens up a medicine cabinet style on the other side is your shower it’s very bright and sleek so this bathroom is awesome.

The Main Loft of the Tiny House

This loft area is unique and beautiful there is a queen-size bed it’s very comfortable and at the top of the bed, there is a long narrow window with some artwork and a night light.

On the other side, there is a smart TV and a little storage for you to store anything, and you can get a nice feeling with a great view as well.

This spiral stair is very unique that leads to the loft area.
This spiral stair is very unique that leads to the loft area.

The Second Loft Area

This loft is very beautiful but it is a lot different from the other loft, this one is like a typical gable a very cool place.

There is a king-size bed in the middle of the loft and a lot of skylight windows where
you can watch stargaze it’s a comfortable place for you.

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