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Modern Rustic Tiny A-frame Cabin in Greentown village.

In this episode, we will see a Modern Rustic Tiny A-frame Cabin in Greentown village.

Modern Rustic Tiny A-frame Cabin in Greentown village.
This modern rustic tiny A-frame cabin is located in Greentown Village, Pennsylvania, United States.
The Back side of this A-frame Cabin.

Welcome to the modern rustic A-frame cabin
This place is surrounded by trees and beautiful scenery it’s a great place to relax and disconnect from the city.

The exterior of the A-frame is quite modern, the black awning around the window frame combined perfectly with the wood siding and a couple of chairs in the front.

Inside the A-frame Cabin

Welcome to the very beautiful, modern, and rustic interior of the A-frame cabin the inside of the A-frame cabin is open and bright the ceiling is very high with beautiful wood paneling.

The Kitchen of the A-frame cabin

This modern rustic kitchen has everything you need there is a fridge on the left and then your countertop with a lot of cabinets and a deep sink, your stovetop, and some kitchen appliances.

On this side is a gorgeous countertop space with four kinds of retro-looking stools in front of it.

The Sitting Area

This sitting area is located on the left side of the A-frame cabin there is a comfy couch and two chairs on either side and a coffee table in the middle.A-frame cabin A-frame cabinBehind this sitting area is a wood-burning stove a modern black wood-burning stove to make this house feel cozier this is a cool desk and office setup there are plants all around the desk and a comfy table for you as well.

The Bathroom

This bathroom is quite spacious there is a clean vanity and a toilet and then a mirror above that and on the other side is your shower it’s very beautiful with the white subway tile.

The Master Bedroom

This master bedroom is a comfortable place for you to relax there is a king-size bed in the middle and a window right behind that. On this side is plenty of storage space and behind that is a closet space for you
to store your clothes.

This entertainment or chill-out space is located on the right side of the master bedroom.

The Loft Area

This is the loft bedroom inside of the A-frame cabin it very bright and spacious space for your kid, it’s a nice place to have.

The Backyard of the A-frame Cabin

This backyard area is quite spacious but it was so snowy and cold out, there is a kind of barbecue space and a picnic table and some nice string lights. On this is a fire pit area where you can make a fire to get warm and there are plenty of chairs out here for you to enjoy with your friend or your family.

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