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Modern Luxury Cabin w/ Amazing Views

Hello, everyone!
In this episode, we will see a modern luxury cabin in Gatlinburg, Tennessee, United States.

Beautiful home with breathtaking views. The views from the house are beautiful! The back patio/outdoor area is great for hanging out, even when raining. The interior furnishings and style are awesome.

The exterior offers games for kids, outdoor tv, and a fire pit. The views are spectacular through the giant windows.

Modern Luxury Cabin with Amazing Views

Modern Luxury Cabin with Amazing Views

This modern luxury cabin with amazing views of the Great Smoky Mountains! Located just outside of Gatlinburg, Tennessee, this Airbnb is the perfect getaway for any families and groups who are outdoor lovers.

The Exterior of the Cabin

The Amazing View of this Cabin

The Amazing View of this Cabin

The cabin features 3 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms. The main room boasts 15-foot tall glass windows and vaulted ceilings, a large Smart TV and fireplace, a high-end chef’s kitchen, and more.

One of the most unique features is the outdoor courtyard with an outdoor Smart TV and speakers, a potted plants wall, a fire pit, and games like cornhole, Connect-Four, and more.

The Exterior of this Cabin The Exterior of this Cabin

The Exterior of this Cabin

The Space

  • 1710sqft
  • Open-Plan Interior


  • 3 Bedrooms
  • 7 Beds
  • 3 Baths
  • A Fully Equipped Kitchen
  • A Beautiful Courtyard
  • Mountain View
  • Valley View
  • Indoor Fireplace
  • And more…

The Interior of this Cabin

When you first enter, you’ll be swept away by how open this main room is you have these high vaulted ceilings and it contains this gorgeous living room with a unique lighting fixture on one side and all of your dining space and your kitchen on this other end.

The Kitchen in this Cabin

There’s another cool unique lighting fixture there are a few throughout the home all different from each other I think it really sets this Airbnb apart from the others but walking in further you have a massive kitchen countertop Island plenty of space to do all of your cooking there’s even a dishwasher hidden behind some of these cabinets.

The Dining Area

You have this big dining table with six chairs around it.

The Main Living Room

I loved all the furniture here plenty of spots to relax on like this huge cushiony couch there’s a modern table and rug-smacked app in the middle of this space and these two nice leather chairs.

The Master Bedroom

You have the best location in the house in this room looking out straight to those windows and the Great Smoky Mountains it gave you a little bit of a Forest theme in this room with those photos.

And the color scheme and another cool lighting fixture this one almost looks like a few lightsabers dangling from the ceiling and along this wall, you have another comfortable chair and some more simple decorations that line.

The Outdoor Deck of the Cabin

You have four different chairs here and two little tables there couldn’t be a more perfect spot for you to take in all of the views of the Great Smoky Mountains conveniently attached right to the master bedroom.

The Master Bathroom of this Cabin

You have a modern bathroom here all of your amenities are included and especially lugged the shower in this bathroom all that tiling on the floor.

And just look at how high up the shower head is this is the true definition of a rain shower head it’s a very luxurious bathroom this is near the kitchen and the main entrance.

The Second Bathroom in this Cabin

There is another bathroom hidden behind the kitchen so we’ll head inside here quickly I love this shower they really have their tiling game on points in this Airbnb love both the black and the white tiling.

You have another sink set up here very similar to the other bathroom that we just saw.

The Downstairs Living Room

This is essentially another family or living room just for the ground floor and the two other bedrooms we are about to see have another big plush couch, of course, you can’t miss this smart TV so you have two main indoor entertainment areas at this Airbnb.

The Kid’s Bunk Beds Room

This room has four different bunk beds in it and I really loved all the little paintings and Graphics along the walls there is a line with different trees and animals.

The Third Bathroom

You have more nice tiling here and the lighting also hits this room perfectly later in the day we have another similar sink setup we saw in the other bathrooms.

The Third Bedroom

There’s another queen-size mattress in this larger bedroom and you have some similar pictures here except the one above the bed is of a moose and kind of the modern Forent theme.

The Outdoor Courtyard

One of my favorite features of the entire property this takes us to your gorgeous outdoor courtyard on this end you have a bright white futuristic almost looking couch and an outdoor TV that is definitely the first moving a little further down there is then a fire pit with a few Adirondack chairs around it.

Thanks to MikeWillTravel.
You can find out more about this luxury cabin and book your stay on Airbnb.


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