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In the episode, we will see a MODERN Cabin with BREATHTAKING located in Glenwood Springs, Colorado, United States.

This Luxury Cabin Airbnb in Colorado had the most breathtaking rocky mountain views we have ever experienced! The modern luxury interior, hot tub, fire pit, and giant deck made this place an unforgettable romantic.


The Bathroom

This is your full bath so also have a toilet and you can see a window and this room is very bright.


This is a laundry room.


The Kitchen

The large kitchen has plenty of counter space and all your main appliances they have multiple chairs along this bar so you can sit and enjoy while someone’s cooking in the kitchen and then the room opens up into the dining area.

The Living room

The living room with floor-to-ceiling windows overlooks talking the Iraqi mountains and in my opinion, is a million-dollar view right here is the large dining table with these green felt chairs that are so soft and comfortable, and then on the other side.

The First Bedroom

This is a queen bed this one has a green paint color that is so cute and you has two lamps is on the head bed.

The Second bedroom

This room is really bright and then you can see a beautiful bad and picture and then you see a view from a large window.

The Bathroom of the cabin

This room is very clean and you can see the toilet and the sink right the side you can see a window it looks very pretty.

The Third bedroom

This room is very gorgeous there has two twin beds and a closet for storage they also have a towel.

This is a pool table and you can see a TV and some super cool wallpaper and then finally a full.

The Kitchen of the cabin

This kitchen downstairs with a minibar and is the perfect spot to whip up some drinks and snacks for this little game.

The outside of the cabin

This is a nice little seating area with a table and off to my left is probably one of our favorite Parts a perfectly placed giant hot tub to take in all of those.

This is your fireplace you can talk with your friend or make a small party with your family.

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