In the episode, we will see the MODERN BOHO-STYLE DESIGN HOME Across From Lake located in Canada.

The exterior has a massive backyard space that includes a dining area, a hot tub, and a private outdoor lounge/living area with a fire pit. Across the street, guests have access to a lake and the host’s private club with activities such as tennis, a gym, a pool, and taking boats out on the water.


In the backyard you have this large outdoor table with enough seating for eight people and this grill, so you can definitely have some great barbecues, the hot tub built straight into the deck kind of gives it a bit more of a luxurious feeling there’s also this two very large line of string lights than go over the tub and the dining area.


The Living Room of this Home

The Living room especially really loves these cement floors and walls it gives a bit more of an industrial or modern feeling to it and a lot of these furnishings in the other decorations kind of have more boho style. and you can’t miss that huge smart TV in the middle of this corner then, you have a small collection of books and some other decorations is grab some firewood.


The Dining Area of this Home

The Dining area especially that table and the huge lighting fixture give off more of that boho-style feeling to it not to mention the Wi-Fi was super fast at his Home and here.


In here now is your kitchen it’s quite well-equipped and you actually have a stainless steel countertop which I thought was pretty cool so you have a toaster oven, and then an oven and dishwasher, both seen here. when you walk to the left and open up the door next to the fridge, you can find the fireplace and a microwave.

The Bathroom

The one bathroom on this floor here is your shower overall it’s pretty simple so I won’t spend too much time in this room but it is a full bathroom.


The Bedroom of the Home

In the bedroom, you have a queen mattress here it’s pretty similar to the couch and it’s also big and white and cushiony and I love that backsplash of the finished wood right behind the mattress.

The bunk beds room in this room is of course for the kid a can house up to eight guests quite easily now I think it’s tough to make bunk bed setups while looking online and scouring for this home.

Back in the same hallway, you have those two doors we’ll first go through that door in the left which takes you into the second bathroom it’ ‘s pretty much exactly the same as the bathroom.

The final room in this home ends in the same hallway and this takes us into another bedroom I love that hanging lighting fixture there on the left and there is another queen mattress and some more photos next to it and now I think this is the master bedroom because there is so much closet space in this room it’s pretty.

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