Modern All-White Tiny House in the Wood.

In this episode, we will see a Modern All-White Tiny House in the Woods.

This modern all-white tiny house is located in Campobello, South Carolina, United States surrounded by trees and beautiful scenery everywhere.

The Outdoor Space

The first thing over here on the left is your fire pit area they have some seating out here and even have a hammock out here to enjoy under these trees.

Everything is well-maintained out here actually so it was pretty peaceful you can probably hear the birds chirping right now it’s beautiful sounding so perfect spot to enjoy your time.

The Bottom Outdoor Patio Area

This is a whole bottom outdoor patio area there is a grill and they even have some outdoor seating here as well so you can enjoy your time here overlooking your property.

Inside the Tiny House

You’ll walk inside and it is all a very open concept space this is two levels but the second level is kind of a loft area so you got the quite tall ceilings.

The first section of this house is your living room area you have your couch and it’s surrounded by all these windows and then it faces, of course, your tv if you want to watch some Netflix at night or something.

The Kitchen of the Tiny House

You have the island in the middle with a couple of bar seats and then on the other side is the rest of your kitchen you have all your cooking necessities and the drawers. This is a beautiful golden sink the golden accents are everywhere huge fridge and over on the left side of that there is a washer and dryer for your laundry.

The Loft Space

when you get up there you have a great view of everything else in this tiny house this is where your extra bedroom is there’s the bed in the back and then you have another seating option up here.

This is your master bedroom you got a king-size bed in the middle with nightstands on each side, and a huge window behind and then you got a closet on the right side as well to store your clothes.

The Bathroom of the Tiny House

When you walk in it a pretty large bathroom for a tiny house there is a full vanity here the gold accents are beautiful and then on the back side is your shower space and bathtub.Tiny house

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