Minimalist Tiny House with Amazing Storage Space

Hello Everyone In this episode, we will see a Minimalist Tiny House with Amazing Storage Space

Welcome to the Minimalist Tiny House which is located in Queensland, it’s a state situated in Northeastern Australia.

The Exterior of the Tiny House

This tiny house is just 12 meters by 3 normal 4.3 meters maximum height for on the roads in Australia.

This incredible tiny house by timber walls and timber-frame it’s not metal there are a lot of windows on the front side, with a glass door. On the front porch area, you got a dining table as well with six seating options you can enjoy your dinner here, and right behind that is your seating area with a coffee table.

The Interior of the Tiny House

The inside of this tiny house is quite modern and luxurious it’s an open-concept design and it’s very bright and airy as well.

This is your living area there is a big couch on the right side, with a huge window and right behind that, you got a big TV with some storage below it.

The Kitchen

This kitchen is pretty spacious there is a huge countertop space with a sink and your coffee supplies and then your cooktop and there are also a lot of cabinets underneath and above it as well.

On this side, is your full-size fridge and then you also got another countertop as well on the other side there are a lot of drawers in here and then your dining area.

The Bathroom of the Tiny House

This bathroom is quite spacious the first section is your full-size shower with the glasses and then your washer and dryer with some storage in here.This is your composting toilet it’s super modern and then your vanity space with a huge and clean sink this space is perfect.

The Loft Area

This is your loft space it’s not too bit but it’s quite modern and bright there is a queen-size bed right in the middle with some pillows and your storage on each side, this space is very cozy.Tiny house

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