Minimalist Tiny House On Wheels in San Diego

In this episode, we will see The Minimalist Tiny House On Wheels in San Diego

This fantastic tiny house is built for life on the road this incredible tiny house is beautifully constructed and amazingly was built for around the equivalent of one year’s rent, making it an amazingly affordable housing option.

The Exterior

The exterior design of this tiny house is just minimalist it looks very cool the door color is very beautiful and the windows are very interesting this tiny house is about eight and a half by 22.


Inside the Tiny House

This tiny home inside is very beautiful and spacious it feels comfortable and cozy when coming in the ceiling is quite high with two skylight windows that make this tiny house feels bright and cozy.

On the right end side, of this tiny house is your living space there is a super comfy couch next to the wall and a huge window right above that, and some hook here it’s very great.

The Kitchen

This kitchen space is pretty modern and luxurious the countertop is quite bright and clean you got a double sink right here with some cabinets and floating shelves and a full-size fridge.

On this section is another countertop space in here you got a coffee maker and some drawers below to store anything and even your bar stools.

The Bathroom

This bathroom is very cool the design is perfect it’s quite modern there is a vanity on the middle side, and some floating shelves right behind, and your tub with shower head and then your toilet.

The Sleeping Loft

This sleeping loft is pretty beautiful it’s quite bright and modern there is a king-size mattress right here with these night lights and floating shelf and a skylight window right above it’s so amazing you can stargaze at the night as well if you want it.

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