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Minimalist Tiny Cabin With Amazing Caves & Waterfall.

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In this episode, we will see a Minimalist Tiny Cabin With Amazing Caves & Waterfall.

Minimalist tiny cabin with amazing caves waterfall
This minimalist tiny cabin is located in South <strong>Bloomingville<strong> <strong>Ohio<strong> <strong>United<strong> <strong>States<strong>

This minimalist tiny cabin is called the Ledge at the lost cavern this property is 24 acres and it leaves you with your private beautiful terrain and rock formations and your hiking trails on the property.

The Exterior of the Tiny Cabin

This is a mid-century modern design cabin it blends modern and old-world appeal, the black wall tint is very charming and all the glass on the front is very interesting.

Inside The Tiny Cabin

The interior design of this tiny cabin is very beautiful it’s a brand new style, and this is a very masculine rustic modern style.

The first thing on the left side is the dining area it’s a half booth with a couple of chairs and this is a fun area to eat at.

This fireplace is huge and the wood is provided for you to use for your fireplace.

This is your living room area it very modern and beautiful there is a chair right next to the window that you can open, and behind this is two couches and then your TV along all the windows.

The Kitchen of The Tiny Cabin

This rustic kitchen space is very beautiful the first thing is your refrigerator and you have some shelves as well and then you have your beautiful sink and then the dark wood countertop looks pretty neat.Tiny cabin Tiny cabin Tiny cabin

This site is your dishwasher and your gas stove and then all the shelves above that for all of your dishes and your coffee supplies.

The Outdoor Deck

This space is a good area for this tiny cabin there are four lounging chairs where you can sunbathe and drink some coffee and enjoy the beautiful nature.

The Main Bedroom

This main bedroom is a very unique design you can see the big mural on this wall it is there are butterflies everywhere and it takes up the whole wall right behind your bed.

This bed is a queen-size bed and you have a couple of nice standards on each side and you have a small corner with your window that has a couple of shelves and some hangers for you.

This first bathroom is located on the left of the main bedroom there is your toilet and your vanity is a very beautiful design and on the other side is your shower space.

The Second Bedroom

This second bedroom is very similar in layout to the last bedroom except this mural is a bunch of mushrooms which is pretty cool everything else is basically.

The Last Bedroom of The Tiny Cabin

The layout of this bedroom is the same as the last bedroom.

The last door on this side is your other bathroom it’s very similar to the last bathroom.

The Patio Area

You walk out here and this is your cavern cardio area which is very nice to have and then you have a giant seven-person hot tub on the right and the other side is your grill.

This fire pit area is very comfortable there are five seating areas and your fire pit in the middle and they provide all the wood for you as well.

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