Minimalist Tiny Cabin With A Rare Private Hot SPRING

In this episode, we will see a Minimalist Tiny Cabin With A Rare Private Hot SPRING

This tiny house is located in Garden Valley, Idaho, United States it’s such a beautiful place to relax there is Fork River right here so you can enjoy this beautiful scenery.

The Exterior of the Tiny Cabin

This minimalist cabin is a pretty beautiful architectural design on the outside the black wood and the wood pillars right here in the front are very cool.

This is a tiny house but you got three bedrooms and two baths there are four beds total so it’s can sleep eight guests it’s a pretty nice-sized cabin.

The best thing about this cabin is that there’s a natural hot spring in the backyard along the river it’s pretty cool so you can enjoy this hot spring with your family.

The Interior of the Tiny Cabin

The interior is pretty neat the ceiling is not very high but it feels spacious because it’s an all-white design.

The first part of this tiny house is a living room space there is a couch right here with a unique coffee table you can enjoy your morning coffee or tea here and enjoy some movies with this smart TV.

The Kitchen of the Tiny Cabin

This kitchen is pretty unique it’s quite modern there is a little island in the middle side, with two seating options so you can enjoy your meal here.

This is your main countertop space there is a modern stovetop right here in the middle side, with a microwave right above that and some cabinets underneath and above, and then your full-size fridge right behind.

The Bedroom of the Tiny House

This main bedroom space is not too big but it’s very comfortable and minimalist there is a king-size bed in the middle side, with this comfortable mattress and right behind that is your closet and some floating shelves.

The Bathroom

In this tiny house everything is pretty modern this kitchen is ultra-modern and stylish design the vanity right next to the wall is pretty neat with a huge mirror and your toilet with a subway-tiled shower.

The Second Bedroom

This second bedroom space is similar to the first one a queen-size bed on the middle side, a nightstand right behind and your closet and floating shelves.

The Hangout Area

This is a hangout area there are two beds up here there is a bunk bed and they’re both pretty large and then on the end of this is kind of your hangout area there’s a leather couch right here for two that faces this TV and console area.

Tiny Cabin

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