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Minimalist of-the-grid Tiny Cabin in Gawthorne’s Hut.

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In this episode, we will see a Superb 430sqft off-the-grid tiny cabin in Gawthorne’s Hut.

This beautiful and peaceful tiny house is located in Australia and sits on the 480-acre of
Gawthorne’s Hut.

Gawthorne’s Hut is on the outskirts of Mudgee a small township about three and a half hour’s drive from Sydney.

The Exterior

This tiny cabin is very unique it’s an all-white design and on the front side, there are a glasses door and glasses windows the best part is the 30-degree roof.

Inside the Tiny Cabin

The inside of this tiny house is quite bright you got double glazed timber windows and doors the flooring is a polished concrete slap, this slab was about grounding the building and the landscape.

The Kitchen Space

This kitchen space is an open concept first thing on the right is your fireplace with some wood and black tiling and right next to that is your countertop.This countertop space is pretty spacious you got a big sink in the middle with a gold faucet and then your stovetop and right above that is a floating shelve that stores your coffee supplies.Underneath this countertop, you got a lot of drawers, and then right next to that is your dining table with two chairs where you can eat your meal and watch the beautiful view from the outside.

The Bedroom of the Tiny Cabin

This bedroom space is located on the right side, of this tiny cabin you got a large bed that can sleep two people so this bed is very comfortable.

The Bathroom of the Tiny Cabin

The bathroom of this tiny cabin is pretty unique you got good views from all angles of the property.

There is a bathtub and shower space with beautiful tiling and on the right side, is your toilet and then your countertop space with a sink and shampoo.

The Outside

The outside of this tiny cabin is very beautiful there are a lot of mountains surrounding the trees every where and you got a pond right in front of your house as well.

This is your fire pit area there are two long chairs and you can spend your time here enjoying the beautiful view from the property.
Tiny cabin

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