Minimalist Living Container Home

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In this episode, we will show you a minimalist living 40ft Shipping Container Home in the mountains of North Carolina.

Shipping Containers Home has quickly become a popular way to house and transport goods. They are sturdy, affordable, and easy to assemble and disassemble.

Shipping Container home can be used for a variety of purposes, including residential housing, commercial storage, and agricultural production. They are a cost-effective way to shelter goods from the weather and transport them to their destinations.

The Exterior of the Shipping Container Home

Inside this Shipping Container Home

Whenever you first walk in you can see both ends of the home this is definitely a tiny container home but the aesthetics are really nicely done in this place as you can see in the kitchen. The window over the sink and there’s a lot of cabinets under the sink even got a little mini fridge you got the open shelves and that makes this feel a lot more spacious since there’s not a lot of area being taken up by the cabinets.

The Kitchen of the Shipping Container Home

This kitchen is really nicely done and doesn’t take up a lot of room with this Airbnb specifically they have all the utensils cooking utensils microwave toaster anything you might need that involves a kitchen.

The Bathroom

This bathroom honestly takes probably one-third of the entire container home which is a lot of space to use up for the bathroom this is also where a lot of the storage comes in you can see this unit that you can hang your clothes in or put any luggage in here you can keep your towels you can keep everything kind of in this unit in the bathroom.

The aesthetics of this really fit this bathroom and this minimalistic style at home who doesn’t love a spacious bathroom.

The rest of the home is very minimalistic you just have this blue couch which adds a nice color to the whole place and it just has two little side tables and a little area for the TV.

The Bedroom 

The bedroom which is really just a bed at one end of this container and it’s a queen-sized bed fits really well it’s paired with a few windows to add some nice morning light whenever you wake up but there’s no closet space and if you want to put something you can store stuff under the bed or you could add some shelving and some storage above the bed.

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