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Minimalist 400sqft Tiny House In The Forest.

In this episode, we will see a Minimalist 400sqft Tiny House In The Forest.

Minimalist 400sqft Tiny House In The Forest.

This minimalist tiny house is located in Northern Minnesota, at the Northwood property surrounded by beautiful nature and trees and you can hear the birds chirping and stuff singing.

This tiny house is very beautiful on the right side it looks perfect along with the trees and the black tint design with the wood on the front side and all of the windows are very beautiful and stylish design.

The outdoor deck is spacious with the metal railing and the chopped wood underneath it looks great and underneath is very clean there’s not a lot of mess.

The Fire Pit of The Tiny House

This fire pit is surrounded by trees and rocks it’s a cozy place you can chill here with your friend or your family it’s a lot of pure air and a beautiful view.

There is a couple of seat with a bench and the circle rock in the middle is very cool it looks beautiful and clean.

The Kitchenette of The Tiny House

The first section of this tiny house is the kitchenette area it is not too big but it has a countertop for you and some coffee-making supplies and just a couple of drawers and shelves for you to put anything.

The Living Space of The Tiny House

This main living space of this tiny house it’s looks minimalist design you have your queen-size bed in the middle and the shiplap wall everywhere is beautiful and the bed faces the window that lets you overlook the property.

On the other side, you have your fireplace it’s very black and cozy with the wood here for you to use it, on the backside you have a small dining option for two people this cool rounded table is attached to the wall with a single light it’s very beautiful.

tiny house tiny house
tiny house

The Main Kitchen Space

This kitchen space is very spacious there is a huge dining table in the middle and beautiful artwork along this wall and on the other side is your luxurious kitchen.

This kitchen is very modern there are a lot of cabinets underneath the countertop space and a clean sink and your stove in here and all the cabinets above this is everything you need.

The Bathroom of The Tiny House

This bathroom of this tiny house is very large and clean there is your vanity setup with your sink and the back wall is your tiled shower which is great and then your toilet it very clean and bright.

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