Minimalist 160sqft Container House With Unique Interior

In this episode, we will see a Minimalist 160sqft Shipping Container House

This beautiful shipping container house is just 160 square feet of living space with a charming exterior design of doors and a huge window right on the front side, and behind.

This tiny house is started built with a used shipping container that was 20 feet by 8 feet they added between 4 to 5 inches of foam insulation all around.

The whole house was built to be plugged into the grid for water power heating and cooling and they managed to build this amazing shipping container home in only six weeks.

The Living Space of Container House

This is a great living room space it’s a perfect size and perfectly built for a tiny house there is a comfortable couch right next to the wall so this couch can be folded up to be a bed as well.

There is a lot of storage underneath this couch so you can store your blankets your pillows your sheets everything inside there.

Right across the front, you got a TV with utilized storage right underneath which you can store your clothes in here as well, and then your shelves right behind that.

The Kitchen of the Container House

This is your kitchen space you got a spacious countertop face to the door and above that, you got a clean sink underneath the window with a silver faucet, and some cabinets underneath, and even your storage is mounted to the wall with an oven.

The Bathroom of the Container House

The bathroom of this shipping container house is pretty unique there is a vanity space with a sink right below the mirror.There is a toilet with a huge window right above the plants and right behind that is your shower space.

The Outdoor Space

In the outdoor space of this shipping container house, there is a couple of chairs right here with a coffee table so you can enjoy your morning coffee in here as well.Container house

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