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Minimal Shipping Container Home on Wheels | Tiny House

Hello, everyone!
In this episode, we will take a look at a minimal shipping container home on wheels.

Minimal Shipping Container Home on Wheels
Minimal Shipping Container Home on Wheels

This shipping container home is called the Forever Young, it is the only shipping container one on here this place is super cool.

The Outside

In the front has a little patio area with a couple of chairs, in the summer this place would be a really fun place to hang out this kind of overlooks all the other tiny homes this one’s the highest up so it’s pretty cool but other than that the outside is super sleek and minimal.

You can see on one side of this container added a little deck from the bedroom we can walk out and sit down and enjoy some coffee or whatever. They left the doors of a container open which is pretty cool for this little deck.

Stepping Inside

Whenever you walk inside it’s a very modern and up-to-date feeling you walk into the living room and kitchen area very spacious it’s pretty bright in here from all the windows the window on this end of the container is pretty large.

And let’s send a lot about lights and it makes it feel more open and spacious the couch folds down to a bed for another person I can sleep here or if you’re just enjoying your time.

You’re gonna have cold people sitting here enjoying and watching the TV that you have here and as you keep going leads to the really large kitchen.

The Kitchen of the Container Home

There are lots of cabinets for this container home this place provides a lot of the basics you need in the kitchen but all the amenities are a really large massive micro stove a huge refrigerator and a really large sink with lots of countertop space.

I really like what they did to the lights above the kitchen, you can see the kind of wired it along this bar you go on the other side it’s kind of like the seating or desk area I guess it’s tiny I don’t know what all you could fit on this little tiny wood slab hanging out of the wall.

The Bathroom of the Container Home

This bathroom is absolutely massive I think they probably could have cut down on the bathroom size a little bit because it’s really large and takes up a lot of space but if you like a larger bathroom that’s a good thing full-size amenities in here as well huge shower nice sink and they provide everything you need in here.

You can walk into the bedroom you can see on the left side is your washer and dryer which is pretty cool above that it’s just additional storage and you’ve got your full-size bed underneath, you got plenty of storage for all your stuff and clothes or luggage or whatever you need.

The Bedroom

This room has a lot of a TV it has a fan on the wall that they provide if you look back in the little cubby it’s just additional storage for pillows or blankets or whatever you need but it’s a pretty nice size bedroom has everything you need and feels pretty cozy.

Thanks to Levi Kelly.

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