Minimal 800sqft Wall Cabin

In this episode, we’re going to show you a Minimal 800sqft Wall cabin!

This beautiful tiny cabin is surrounded at all sides by beautiful trees and is very private some wildflowers are growing around it this tiny cabin is located in Nashville, Indiana designed by Neon architecture from Fountain Square Indiana, it’s a unique-looking cabin boasting 820 square feet of living space which is perfect for a getaway with a couple of friends or family because this can sleep a total of four guests.

And in the right next is the most visited state Park in Indiana and the Nashville downtown area is a very fun touristy area with lots of things to walk around to and explore so overall this is a great place to come to check out anyway.

On the outside of this cabin, you can see why it’s called the wall cabin with this huge wall basically down the middle of it, it’s a very unique look to this the right side is the majority of the cabin and has outdoor patio space and a fire pit area with four seating options in front of the cabin Frio and just more beautiful nature all around.

The First bedroom

When you walk in you are in the back half of this cabin which is where your bedrooms and bathroom the first door on the right side of this hallway is your first bedroom it’s big enough to fit a queen bed with two nightstands and a closet on the right side of the room open the doors that are seamless to the wall and you have plenty of space for luggage and hanging clothes you also have your Air conditioner unit in here as well.

The Bathroom

Take a step out of that and the door across the hallway leads to your laundry room which is great to have the next room you will encounter is your full bathroom it’s very spacious here with an open shelf vanity, the mirror with the hanging light combo is nice right here and on the back wall is your walk-in shower they chose to use horizontal black tiles here which fits with this bathroom’s moodier theme, the shower also has a waterfall shower head.

The Living space

When you walk out of this hallway you will finally enter the great room this is where your living space and the kitchen are located and it’s all open with these huge windows taking up this whole wall that lets in some great lighting, the view from the window area is great as well since it’s just all nature can’t go wrong with that this living room has a cozy feel with all the wood everywhere and you may also notice the brick wall in the back that’s the feature we saw from the outside the huge wall.

The living space is very comfortable with the beautiful couch that can convert into another bed there is a TV with a game including a Rubik’s Cube if and there is a reading chair against the windows and a coffee table.

The Kitchen space of the cabin 

In the kitchen, there’s a huge dining table with four seating options which is very plenty of space and there is a huge fridge on the left side the next is the beautiful countertop with this black speckle all in it and your black cabinets below that there are the floating shelves above all of this with all of your dishwash there’s even an oven on this side and a hidden dishwasher this kitchen has everything you need for a couple of nights and looks great the black tiling for the black splash is a nice touch to it as well.

The Patio space of this cabin 

The patio space is very beautiful with a nice metal railing and you can look out into the nature all around you there are a couple of seats out here these outdoor patio seats are very comfortable to sit in.

Thanks to Levi Kelly
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