Miniature Gem Of A Tiny House With Stunning Decor

Welcome to this charming small tiny house that may be found in Tracy City, Tennessee, which is situated in the United States of America. It is nestled away in the woods, encircled by trees, and it is fully surrounded by nature since it is surrounded by trees.


The Living Area

The principal living space of the home is constructed in an open-plan form, and it combines both the living room and the kitchen into its general layout. This includes the kitchen as well as the living room.

A chair and a couch are also available in the living room, and both of them are pleasant to sit on. The kitchen is quite stunning, particularly when one considers how sophisticated it turns out to be despite its small size.


The great room, which is located on the side of the tiny house and is the farthest away from the entrance, is one of the most stunning open places in the tiny house.

It has cathedral ceilings and trapezoid windows on the edge of the room. Because these windows are located on the end of the tiny house that faces the open deck, it is much simpler to have a nice view of the property from the outside.

This is because the windows are positioned on the end of the tiny house that faces forward.

The Kitchen of the Tiny House

With its mix of a white little home and this deep blue base on the marble-topped island, to mention just two of its aspects, this kitchen is pretty remarkable. It is quite remarkable.

Not only does it function as a place to keep items, but it also functions as an eating area and a kitchen where meals can be cooked. There are several uses for this space.


The kitchen in this tiny house is a genuine chef’s kitchen since it’s equipped with a huge gas stove that has a multitude of burners and a magnificent tile backsplash that makes it easier to clean everything. In addition, it is furnished with all of the essential home appliances.

This room is one of our favorites since it enables you to meet the requirements of a family by offering appliances that are of a greater size. We have a deep appreciation for this particular fact.

tiny house

The Bedroom of the Tiny House

Anyone is welcome to make use of the property’s two bedrooms and two bathrooms, which are also provided for their convenience.

It would seem that the twin beds in the bedroom are a fantastic solution for meeting the requirements of the situation regarding sleeping.

tiny house

At the place of residence, gaining access to the attic level may be accomplished via the use of stairs, which is a realistic solution.

Within the attic of the building, there is a possibility of discovering a television in addition to a spot to sit down comfortably.

The Bathroom of the Tiny House

As an additional point of interest, the corner shower in this bathroom is finished in matte black, much like the faucets and fixtures that are located throughout the room.

tiny house

This ensures that the appearance is uniform over the whole area. This bathroom is a lovely location to be in terms of its atmosphere.

You are going to discover not only the soaking bathtub that you have been daydreaming about, but you are also going to locate the miniature home made of dark wood that you have been admiring from the other rooms in the bathroom.

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