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Mid-Century Cabin Perfect for Romantic Getaway

In this episode, we will see Mid-Century Cabin Perfect for Romantic Getaway located in California, United States.

This Black A-Frame style cabin is nestled in the trees of Running Springs, Surrounded by grand pine and cedar trees.

The Kitchen of the cabin

This kitchen is gorgeous, now you can see the countertop is massive there are bar stool seats on that side, and it’s just deep you could eat here entertain talk you’re gonna have plenty of space.

This is a dining table in mid-century modern and then you can see a mirror in this corner.

The Bathroom of the cabin

This bathroom is a full-size shower tiled shower with a bathtub and the toilet’s just a nice clean bathroom good for the main floor.

The Living room

This living room is spaciously designed and you can see a hanging chair it is really comfortable a leather chair.

This is a leather couch that is sitting very comfortably and you also see a record player and a guitar over here.

This is a fireplace all around a white cabin and then you have a secret door down to the basement to the theater room.


The Theater room

This is really cool this room has a huge projector and you also have a popcorn machine.


This is a couch in the back and we painted the walls all dark to give it that movie theater.


This is the washer and dryer behind that curtain and in the other bathroom.



The Bedroom of the cabin

This bedroom is so cozy at the top of the A-frame wooden, so you have a chair and a desk with a typewriter.

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