Magical TREE HOUSE With the Ocean view

In the episode, we will see a Magical TREE HOUSE with an ocean view built by the adventurous couple located in Clinton, Washington, United States.

the exterior

We found the property build a remote experience we found property in 2018 took about two years to really get the process going permitting finding a build, so your got four dog fur trees and one pole in the back on the sloe these are all custom-made steel part up top that’s holding up the beams is made by Ballard forge and then we have our tree house is allowed to move as the tree sways it was engineered for a mile an hour winds and about 9.1 earthquakes on this tree.

In the living room you can see all the lighting is black all the fixtures are black window area is black as well we really like that contrast with the birch plywood we want people to feel really comfortable and still like they’re getting an experience in the tree house.

And you got a queen size bed couch here we can fit four people in the tree house we prefer to only two mix it a little more intimate and a little more room to move, and you can find beautiful flower and the book menu about everything you should need for a little relaxation.

the loft

This is the bedroom or the loft and we got a queen size bed here and more black fixtures and black windows we want to create 360 views we got the water view on this side and then sometimes you get the sunset in the winter once the left kind of fall off and then we want some opening Windows as well to create good airflow in here.

Tree house

the kitchen of the tree house

The Kitchen area it’s pretty compact we don’t have a ton of space but we think we’ve got everything you could need to make a nice meal in here so you got a little mini fridge freezer and then you got dying rack and cutting boards some towels and then we’ve got bowls and stuff up here you got all your dishes plates utensils everything so should need so we wrapped these three walls around a tree that is also holding up the structure our goal.

Tree house

the bathroom of the tree house

The bathroom in the main house you have a shower in if for the guests there’s a lot of hiking on would be so we thought it would be super important to be able to clean yourself up we added a bathroom into the house for guests.

Tree house

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