Magical TREE HOUSE for Adults! Looks Like a Hobbit Hole

In the episode, we will see Magical TREE HOUSE for Adults! Looks Like a Hobbit Hole located in Ferndale Washington.

This treehouse we spent another six months because it wasn’t ready we had a feeling we wanted to finish and be satisfied with it so that we could be proud of it, and we want to give the tree a name that has stature and presence the name if after a great.

This framing is away from the three far enough so that it has many more years that it can grow on a big wind day it moves within the structure itself but then the floor and the ceiling we brought close to it and then used a two-inch rope for the gasket to sort of hide the cuts. When I’m long gone, my son can go up there and trim it out so that it continues to grow.  

The doors are part of a turn-of-the-century log cabin the hinge material is from an old barn The knocker is from that I got in Bogota, Colombia. The lock mechanism, which is just ornamental, was made by a friend.  

The living room

This place we made by a friend we had a lot of u fun  I found the lower section at a garage sale and bought it 30 years ago I guess. And, it just sat and then we thought.

In there we spent a great deal of time thinking about how well it would work for folks but the more fun part was than the embellishments and sort of giving and you also have a small refrigerator and a lot of cooks.

the bedroom

This is your bedroom when you look down at the garage and we saw these two stained glass windows in here and we said wow that area is cool and people were loving being Involved and contributing to the whole process and you also have a queen size bed in here this room is really beautiful.

Tree house

the bathroom of this tree house

This is your bathroom, there’s only so much space and we felt the space should be used other than for having a bathroom it added another opportunity to use things we had to get other people involved and create another kind of feeling I guess as much as anything the outdoor has been a huge success we had people this last winter going out there in 25 degrees taking a shower.

Tree house

The outdoor of the tree house

The fire pit was a lot of fun because that area provides another dimension. I was at a friend’s place and they had a small mirror in the distance and it reflected the fire. So you saw the fire twice. I had a large mirror and other wood ingredients and I thought, what am I going to do here? You know, I’m sort of into ornamental and whimsy and I, I felt like what a great opportunity for me to just indulge myself and have fun with it.   

Tree house

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