Tiny House W/ Rooftop Bath! | The Leaf Tree house

In the episode, we will see a Tiny House W/ Rooftop Bath at The Leaf Tree house located in Fredericksburg, Texas, United States.

The Treehouse is all amongst the live trees everywhere surrounded by the nature and seeing lots of animals.

There is a tress house that has beautiful lights anywhere in the place, and you look up at your tree house you’ll see the really cool architecture and even the round window.

The Kitchen

There have a lot of cool things in this kitchen you can find the intricate wood detail of these cabinets and then our dishes and a microwave and anything else you might need to cook.

Tree house

The Bathroom of the Tree House

This bathroom is really pretty, and this room has green color and gold accents everywhere, with the toilet very clean. anyway, on the other side, you can see the shower with this brown tile beautiful.

Tree house



The Bedroom of the Tree House

There is a king-size bed, it is very luxurious that really cool, look at the green wall with wood and you also got a canopy net on your bed.

Tree house

The Living room the Tree House

Their room has circled a huge window so you look out to see a natural reading nook with the round.

Tree house

The Rooftop Bathroom

This bathroom is the smallest one but is beautiful tile on the ground your day bed is in the corner a swinging chair and then your outdoor bathtub this is pretty large.

Tree house

And Then you have a fire pit right in the middle of the treehouse it’s cool so you can take a bath up here and swing in with the chair it’s really cool.

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