LUXURY Tiny Home With the Land is Redefine

In the episode, we will see LUXURY Tiny Home With the Land is Redefine located in Canada.

This Tiny home it’s 36 feet long and eight and a half feet wide and it is a Bohemian style and a little bit we really liked the shingles on the top but we did a darker stain with the black and in the summer it’s been a little hot but and in the winter we going to reap the benefits of that, and you can see the roofing material actually really helps to let the light in so it doesn’t block the tiny house also the view of the sky.

the kitchen of the Tiny home

There’s your kitchen and it’s pretty adequate actually for a tiny house we think it has a really nice sink we have Ample storage and we love a little mini oven it takes are in a tiny house a night fan and light over here to help protect the space and keep it nice and safe and we love to open the shelves it’s kind of fun to display thing, and then you have a fridge that’s kind of this mini retro it holds everything you need.

the bathroom of the Tiny home

This is a bigger bathroom than they had originally designed and we thought it was too small so we had them actually make it bigger and take a little room out of the bedroom, so you also have a composting toilet it’s the separate brand liquids go with the gray water then the solids get collected in a bucket that empties once a month there’s no smell and no noise it’s actually been pretty easy and have no complaints.


Tiny home

the bedroom

The bedroom has a double-sized bed we bought the headboard through Wayfair and it’s just a single headboard we design and helped build the bed which has storage below it has got hinges that you can lift up which provides a ton of extra room for clothes in this very small little clothes.

Tiny home

The Living space you got the couch was modular and you can add pieces so you can pull this over here and make an L I can pull it Forward just to stretch but it is also a conversation piece and you can see quite a bit of storage in my staircase and this nice little shelf in here, and then the plant of the living room makes this room fresh air exchange that they give the beauty of them of course and then it also we just to have something to line the stair with the point out your window

Tiny home

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