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LUXURY Mountain Top Cabin with Stunning View

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In the episode, we will see the MODERN cabin with BREATHTAKING located in Canada.

This cabin is at the sky-high lodge in Glenwood Springs Colorado this place has a view of the Rockies that will take your breath away we’re going to show you what it’s like to stay here for a night.

From the front door off to this side we have something unique from this host that we’ve never seen before multiple framed maps of places that they recommend you to go so you can actually visualize where these places are and know the best spots in town for fishing.

In this hall you have a toil, the mirror, also have a sink and then you have a shower in this room too, and laundry room, and then continuing on into the open main floor right here.


This is a large kitchen that has plenty of counter space and all your main appliances they have multiple chairs along this bar so you can sit and enjoy while someone’s cooking in the kitchen in this room you have a large gas stove and a dining table area you can have dinner in here with your meal.

The living room with the blue couches and a fireplace that has beautiful white tile going all the way up they’ve perfectly pieced together all these different colors and textures it’s inspiring for our home and you also have a big Smart TV  and the living room there has a lot of window to made this room bright so you can look the view from the window it is very cool.

Up the stair, you have a desk and little seating area overlooking the main floor with the view out that large window up there.

There’s have two bedrooms both of them have queen beds this one has green paint color that is so cute I love it and then this bedroom has a window that actually overlooks the dining area and lets in the light from the main floor window so really glad added that because it keeps it nice and bright.

This is a second bedroom so you have a beautiful king-size bed and has blue sky color that is so cute and beautiful you also have a fan, there are two lamps on the head bed, then you got the picture hanging the wall it is very beautiful when young married stay here.

This is your bathroom you have two sinks in here then you have lighting and a mirror and a square window and then you can find the comfortable bathroom you can find the glass shower in here so you can enjoy the shower and also this room has a full bathroom.


There’s two twin beds and a closet for storage they also have another washer and dryer in this room is very beautiful you can sleep with your child or your cute couple in here too.

In the game room, you can see a pool table and TV some super cool wallpaper, and then finally a full kitchen downstairs with a minibar and the perfect spot to whip up some drinks and snacks for this little game area.


This is your fire pit right out here in front to take in that million-dollar view and if you haven’t had enough of this amazing property they actually have a hiking trail that goes off to the side which the host said is perfect for sunrise and sunset if you want to stay here.


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