Luxury High-End Tiny House With Rooftop Deck.

In this episode, we will see the Luxury High-End Tiny House With Rooftop Deck.

Luxury high end tiny house with rooftop deck

This is a 24-foot-long tiny house on wheels with a rooftop deck located in Oakville, Ontario, that’s built right into the roofline which is a great way to create an outdoor space.

This tiny house on wheels is very beautiful the design is great there are a lot of colors with the huge window on the right side with the shiplap wall it’s looks very nice.

Luxury high end tiny house with rooftop deck

Inside This Tiny House

The inside of this tiny house is very bright and spacious with a white-wall design window everywhere, and the ceiling is an 11-foot height that makes this tiny house feels spacious and comfortable.

The Kitchen of the Tiny House

This big thing that surprises you when you walk into this tiny house is the kitchen, it’s very spacious and beautiful.

The countertop is very bright it’s a white design with a huge and deep sink and a lot of cabinets underneath for you to store your dishes, your bowl, and all of your kitchen utensils.

Opposite​ this, is a second countertop this one is bigger than the first one, above this counter, there are some shelves to store your glass with some boxes and below that, there is a big four-burner gas stove and the oven underneath with some cabinets as well.

Behind this countertop, there is a full-size refrigerator it’s very large.

The Living Space

This living space is not too big but it is very beautiful and comfortable there is a comfy couch with the plant.

The windows are surrounded to make this tiny house bright and charming and get some natural air into this tiny house as well.

The Bathroom of the Tiny House

This bathroom is a similar design to the interior it’s a very bright and all-white design the floor of this bathroom is Shou Sugi Ban which is an ancient Japanese art of burning wood to preserve it.

There is a composting toilet on the right side with some shelves above and on the other side there is a vanity with some cabinets and a beautiful mirror it’s very unique.

The Loft of The Tiny House

This loft is very beautiful and spacious there is a king-size bed with beautiful art on the bedhead which makes this loft feel cozy.

The windows are very huge which makes this loft bright and airy and you can open these windows and get some fresh air as well.

The Rooftop Patio Area

This rooftop patio is very unique it’s set up for guests to stay in, this is about a hundred square feet, and it is a nice place to hang out and take in nature.

These solar panels use for collecting some more energy to use in this tiny house. it’s only 500 watts of power.

This rooftop patio was made waterproof to protect the tiny house when raining and there is a table with two comfy chairs and its beautiful colors.

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