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Luxury, High-End Tiny Home After Leaving Ex Large Home

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In the episode, we will see a Luxury, High-End Tiny Home After Leaving Ex Large Home located in Portland, Oregon.

The interior of our tiny home. When we started thinking about the design of this home, we wanted a lot of space to entertain.  

the kitchen of this tiny home

The kitchen is my baking station. I have a tiny mixer. And so this comes very handy when I am doing my gluten-free bagels and my gluten-free cakes. Love it. Another feature that I absolutely love is my coffee station. We have an expresso machine the glasses here, the cups, and then I also have my toaster. Another feature is the refrigerator, plenty of space, more space than actually we need, but always good to have another feature that we didn’t want to give up on the dishwasher. Lots of room in the dishwasher. It’s a full-size one because we wanted to host.  

The bathroom of this tiny home

The typical tile weighs a lot and the mother of Pearl is very, very light. So one of the features in the tiny home that was a must for me, was a toilet room. And it works wonderfully because it has its own separate space has doors that close for discreteness. And it is nature’s head. We’ve been using it for about a month now, no issues at all. It’s been working very, very well.  


The bedroom of this tiny home

There’s plenty of space. It’s a queen size bed. We have lots of storage for clothes. We have storage on the floor and then we also wanted windows on both sides so that there’s air ventilation very important to get a very well-rested sleep.  

This is also then used for a TV in the lounge area so we can move it to the side. It will go up and it’ll spin around. And then we will have the ability to watch movies or other things upstairs.

The nice thing is that if we do have guests, we can then take that table, lower it down to the level where the seats are and put the cushions from the back down in the metal. And we have a full queen size bed here as well.  

The outside sign on the house, as you can see, really accommodates two sets of, of solar panels and sort of the angle in that center portion will act as a deck for us, probably one of the most distinctive features of the tiny house. And that’s the window wall door combination, tiny homes are small. It’s very easy to feel that you’re cramped bringing the outside in was kind of our, one of our key objectives. Having the ability to completely open up.  

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