In the episode, we will see a LUXURY CONTAINER HOME in a tiny house village located in Sarasota, Florida.

The shipping container is on a trailer 20 feet long on the inside of my home we have about 160 square feet I have a six-foot deck off the front that has a stairway that leads up to the rooftop deck my favorite part of my home is my rooftop deck it gives me an additional 160 square feet we have a pool up there that I have a  little fountain in so in the evenings when the sun is set we can set up there.

The exterior

This Container home is about 1200 square feet I had art all over every wall in there but I didn’t realize how much I did have until I was able to put it all together it’s very therapeutic to me to be able to just continue to have a positive attitude looking at so much colour and I have about 29 either it says the word peace or a peace sign that kind of tells you what I’m all about over here is my couch this was specially made once I removed the large cushion and then all my little throw pillows under here.

The kitchen of the container home

In the kitchen, I have a flat-top induction stove with two burners and it’s really great because it can boil water in less than 60 seconds here’s my bob ross toaster  I got that as a Christmas present and I’ve enjoyed making toast that has bob’s afro on it over here I have a pretty deep sink and this is great because if you have large things over here and we also have a microwave that has the convection oven.


The bathroom

In the toilet, we have a flushing toilet because  I’m hooked up to a tripod outside I do have a vanity that has quite a bit of storage in there for my things and I have a lighted mirror which because this is a little dark area back here it really works very very well.




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