Luxury Cabin That Sleeps 22

In the episode, we will see Luxury Cabin That Sleeps 22 located in Chillicothe, OH

This Outdoor looks really gorgeous and modern this cabin in the backyard has a large kitchen and you can prepare food for a party with the dining table there has a beautiful hang light.

And near the kitchen, you can find the hot tub with the swimming pool, so is the perfect the cabin you can relax and enjoy your party.

The Kitchen of this cabin

This is a very gorgeous kitchen, it is modern and you can see the center island and you got a fridge and then the gold sink with a microwave.

There is the biggest coffee station and can make a latte or espresso anything you want, and the older size you got a fire stove area.

The Living room of this cabin

Their living room is made of wood anywhere the ceiling and the window and right the side you can see the biggest dining table and then a beautiful green couch and a guitar hanging the wall.

The Master bedroom

The master bedroom is really modem and the biggest and the white cell with the fan hangs on the ceiling and a couple of tables

The bathroom of this cabin

This bathroom is gorgeous and very clean and then it has a toilet and a sink with two towels.

The Downstairs bedroom

This room has a simple bed but it is beautiful so you can sleep three or four people in there and you also got bunk beds.

The Game room

This is a game room you can play games it is really cool so you can play with your friend or your family.

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