LUXURY Beautiful House in U.S

In the episode, we will see LUXURY Beautiful House in located in Spring City, Tennessee, United States.

This gorgeous fully stocked kitchen with plenty of amenities some extra goodies like tea and coffee with an espresso right above this countertop is this fixture that the host family did it’s geode it’s a geode swirl built into the wall so they are truly artists and in the middle of this kitchen there’s a sweet romantic dining table for two and you can have a private chef come and cook a meal.

These a huge windows that you can see the beautiful view out of the land this bedroom living space area with a king-size bed a desk on either side and really cute bedside lamps that look like space in the little light bulb over on this side of the bed.

This gorgeous stone shower with creek rock travertine and slate right across from it is this super cool geode light that I love perfect for leaving on at night as you walk to the restroom and with the cool fixtures including a navy blue toilet and this sink.


Upstairs they have these singing crystal balls which I had never seen before they are so cool wait until you have seen them are so cool wait until seeing Hayden and play with them a little later over here.


And you gonna show you the nest so you come up these stairs and come through this archway that’s kind a hobbit hole up here and inside they have these very light strung alone vines with little tea candles making it feel kind of like a storybook.


And it’s a perfect spot for relaxing and enjoying and they even have a little globe that light up with stars projecting them on the ceiling so you can stargaze outside or inside and just enjoy the hostname Emily built his place completely.

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