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LUXURY 20ft CONTAINER HOME w/ Genius Bed Lift

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In the episode, we will see a LUXURY 20ft container HOME w/ Genius Bed Lift & Sliding Shower Room located in the United States.

The exterior

This container is 20 feet long it’s a  side open shipping container so the interior dimensions equal 125 square feet we really didn’t want to compromise on something so the idea of the bed raising and lowering from the ceiling and the sliding closet to just maximize as much square footage as possible so my shipping container is located over a stream getting it here was a   process of figuring out how it could span this and now a shipping container.

the living area

There’s your nice living area with comfortable seating lay back watch tv enjoy the view it also gives you extra storage down low so you have two big drawers of storage and then this side of the wall is all my mechanical area as well you have the electrical panel hot water heater heating cooling mini split all of the electrical and water propane all come in through this side then we have the bedroom as well so this lowers down a few steps to do it remove the pillows fold these down this becomes a bedside table same with this one right here and here is the remote pretty simple. 

And then you have your bed and you’re only really doing it twice a day so it’s kind of loud but it’s not too bad you have a full-size mattress, and you can use the bottom to make your bed making your bed in the morning way easier than traditional tiny houses and if you really don’t want to make your bed you can just squish it up into the ceiling and call it a day and then easy back to the living room easy as that so the winch is hidden under here it just has this pulley down tv stays down here up against the wall so you can use it in the living room put down the bed and you don’t even have to chain pause your Netflix

the kitchen of the container

The kitchen is now just a few small steps away from the living room bedroom have this  RV stove here to save space counter space as you can fold this down we have a nice big farmhouse sink here and then nice drawers we built this whole kitchen of this nice backsplash and the color and then if we spin around to this side we have our table and heating area desk whatever you need at the time so easy as folding it up and ta-da you have your extra counter space here so two of you can work one could cook one could do dishes another chopping everything over here it’s a good flow.


the bathroom

The bathroom now but we have a dry flush toilet we have more open shelves over here this mini vanity is really nice and then we have the exciting part of the bathroom right here so showers you only use for if you’re by yourself what 10 to 20 minutes depending on who it is maybe someone does five.


The deck itself is rough-sawn   lumber and then we had it sticking out  of the forklift spots of the container  it self and it was cantilevered out to keep it  safe we have added in posts and added on a railing and then this side is the utility side so the mini  split heating and cooling propane comes in here   water comes in here and then  you get an electrical outlet.


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