LUXURIOUS Tiny House Villa In New York

In the episode, we will see LUXURIOUS Tiny House Villa located in New York.

This is the most now we have ever seen in my life and this place is magical we have to say we think this is definitely one of our favourite spots that we’ve been and it is a bold clay but it’s so good and the view is fantastic we take so much joy seeing Hayden enjoy the snow I grew up in the snow it’s awesome it’s pretty cool we’re literally looking out over this lake snowmobiles are just flying across the lake it’s such a cool experience but this place as I said has that magical feel to it coming up the stairs of your own private mountain it feels like the exterior beautiful with that natural wood and the whites and the dark color floor.

The living room

This couch is so cosy and inside I just have so many great things to say about it it is bright white creams right at my alley we love it and the interior designer did everything I’m in love with this place they really spared no expenses when it came to building the interior with the fireplace here beautiful comfortable couch the bed is pretty incredible definitely one of the most comfortable but walking up to that view in the morning it’s probably one of the best wake up two of your experiences.

And we also have a couple of bunks if you want to bring some friends or family it’s a really fun spot and there’s actually a TV in each bunk so the parents can watch on the big TV up here kids can watch in their little individual bunks and it just great setup bunk beds always make me think of Hayaden’s little sister Emerson she would love it and having her own TV I mean oh yeah we talked about this being a luxurious spot and one of the pieces that are pure luxury is they have electronic.

The kitchen of this tiny house

The kitchen beautiful kitchen we started kind of narrow scope why don’t you widen it for us well I know for us we try to be healthy we try to eat healthy and so cooking is a huge deal and so actually having a really nice high-quality oven and stovetop has been awesome we’ve cooked multiple meals not just in this property but their other two as well if you want to see the other two you can head over to our Instagram and check those out it is the lake house and the Wheelhouse and to quickly mention they have an espresso coffee pot the drawers are stocked with everything that you need to cook.

The bathroom of this tiny house

The bathroom’s gorgeous gold and marble finishes love this shower plus they have a smart toilet with a bidet in it so that was a fun new experience then they have his and her little wardrobe with some drawers and a washer and dryer.



Tiny house


Tiny house

The dining table let’s go this is their lovely dining table and it is perfect for games we love bringing games because when we’re hanging out we’re both competitive so it’s fun to play fun to beat Nikki.

Tiny house

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