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Luxurious Airbnb Home with POOL

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In the episode, we will see a Luxurious Airbnb Home with POOL located in TULIM, Mexico.

This home is really gorgeous there are pant and palm trees and has a security system.

The Living room

In this room, you got a beautiful and bright everywhere in the house with a smart TV and a comfortable couch.

The Bedroom

In the bedrooms, it is just a bed with a window and a couple and racks and shelves for wearing clothing.

The Bathroom

This bathroom is the smallest one here so it is just a sink on this side the mirror and the shampoo are on the table with the beautiful flower.

The Kitchen

This is the kitchen, you have all this countertop space a huge sink and you got an espresso machine for your morning coffee all your cooking utensils and dishes, and everything.

The Bathroom of this home

The bathroom is on the second floor of this home so you got a very nice place it also has a window got your huge concrete shower with the waterfall.


The Bedroom of the home

This is a bedroom on the second floor with some windows and shelves and hangers for your clothes there’s also a unit.


The Backyard of the home

This is a swimming pool a little bit bigger than a plunge pool and there is even a waterfall with a lawn chair on the side.


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