Lovely Log Cabin On Secret Island Beach With Picturesque

Welcome to Log Cabin if you are fortunate enough to stay in this one-of-a-kind and gorgeous beach property, you will have the opportunity to observe a greater number of porpoises and deer seals than you would have otherwise been able to be blessed with.


The maximum number of guests that may be accommodated on a single level in this log cabin along the water is four. In addition to the open loft that is located above the log cabin, there is also an open bedroom that is situated below the base of the log cabin.

The Back Porch

Clean lines and a contemporary style can be found across the outside of the house. This is something that can be seen throughout.

It doesn’t matter whether it’s the enormous porch that looks out over the river or the pergola that is placed over the main entrance; the property is just stunning in every way.


If you compare it to other simple log cabins, you will see that it sticks out from the crowd, which is something that you are likely to find attractive. One other thing that is likely to appeal to you is the combination of black and wood grain.

It is not only the view that makes you want to move into this house; even while we feel that living near the seashore is a beautiful notion, the view is not the only thing that gives you the desire to do so.

The interior architecture and arrangement of the building are much more impressive than the outside aspects of the structure.

The Living Area of the Log Cabin

You will discover the living space to the right of the entrance that leads into the basement. This region is located in the basement.

You will be able to see some of the natural wood features that are situated around the window’s border if you stand in this precise spot inside the room.

There is a wall of windows that is located on the other side of the room, and it looks out onto the patio that has a view of the water.

log cabin

Additionally, you can see a couple of the chairs that are positioned in the living area. In addition, the lake is visible from the terrace where you are sitting.

The living area is an excellent mix of the two types, and in a way that is one of a kind, it is a perfect combination of the two types.

There is a series of large contemporary leather couches organized in a row next to a coffee table that has a live edge design.

Even though the television that is positioned on the wall is a great alternative for seeing the game, this particular sort of residence can also have a smaller fireplace in this location if it is something that you desire.

The Dining Area of the Log Cabin

It is possible to find a formal dining area in the region that occupies the space that is situated between the kitchen and the living room. Should you want to make use of this, it would be an excellent choice for hosting guests or eating dinner with a member of your family.

log cabin

It should come as no surprise that there is a great open kitchen that has a cozy bar island that can be seen off to the side of the room.

The Bedroom of the Log Cabin

If this is something that is wanted, there is the possibility of adding a walk-in closet as well as an en suite bathroom which would be located in the master bedroom.

log cabin

You have the chance to personalize your very own version of the Grizzly by selecting from a wide variety of features that are available to you.

In the context of this discussion, the term “everything” refers to everything from the color of the roof and the stain to the arrangement of the master bedroom and whether or not you have individual access to the various areas of the house.

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