Log cabin Yagorov’s cabin in the woods in airbnb

The scenery is so breathtakingly beautiful Log cabin that it gives the sense that you are in a quaint town in the middle of nowhere.

Log cabin


There are mountains in every way, and there is foliage in every single one of those directions. The breakfast that Harel cooked for us was not only rather substantial, but it also had a good flavor.

 The usage of a little grill that was made available to us was not something that we took advantage of. in addition to the beautiful pool, there is also a large jacuzzi.

The cabin is on the smaller side, but it is still doable for two people to stay there. Harel is incredibly accommodating and polite; in fact, he even let my kid pick some oranges from his own trees, which is a testament to his generosity. He has an optimistic perspective on life.

The location has a lot of potential, however it is quite filthy and lacks proper sanitation. In addition to a number of other problems, the tiles in the restroom have a moldy appearance, the floor is fractured, and the kitchen is unclean.

It is immaculate, the design is elegant, and it provides a very high level of comfort. The images give the impression that there is significantly less space than there actually is, and the finishing touches are extremely excellent.

The host is very friendly, the environment is delightful, and the location is ideal because it is in close proximity to a great deal of exciting things to do in the surrounding area.

The view over the moshav is extremely stunning, and it seemed as though the pool was in fantastic shape.

The log cabin can be found in the middle of a floral garden.

Log cabin


From the center of Visoko, which is situated on the outskirts of the city in a tranquil region that is separated from the commotion of the city, the conveniences can be accessed on foot in fewer than 10 minutes.

You are located a distance of one thousand meters away from the heart of the city.

The setting is very stunning, and it is especially suited to individuals who take pleasure in spending time in nature, going on hikes, unwinding and having fun away from the hustle and bustle of the city, and resting.

The host is a remarkable and one-of-a-kind person in their own right. You feel like a part of this community in a significant way.

The location of the site is very close to the geographical center of the two pyramids.

 The home was spotless and well-supplied with anything and everything that could possibly be required by a guest at any given time.

The apartment comes furnished with a refrigerator, a cooker, a cutlery drawer that is adequately stocked, air conditioning, a shower, and mosquito netting on each of the windows.

The host is quite helpful and will be able to give directions on how to move about Visoko.

The large log cabin home features a sizable living area.

Log cabin


The large living area of the massive log cabin home exudes charm and warmth, making it the standout feature of the house.

The high vaulted ceiling in the living area, which is decorated with exposed wooden beams, not only makes the space more spacious, but it also makes it cozier and more inviting.

The area is made to feel more homey and welcoming thanks to the quantity of natural light that is let in through the several windows that are located throughout. atmosphere, making it an ideal spot for entertaining friends or simply unwinding at the end of a long day.

After a long and taxing day, unwinding and mingling in this setting is just what the doctor ordered.

The stunning stone fireplace is the focal point of the space, creating a sense of rustic elegance and serving as the focus for warm gatherings on chilly evenings.

The fireplace also serves as the focal point for the area’s design. The fireplace also contributes a little bit of coziness to the atmosphere of the room.

Because it is outfitted with plush, comfy sofas and decorated with superbly built wooden furniture, the living room is a haven for relaxation and tranquility. This is because it is a paradise for relaxation and tranquility.

This lovely log cabin home features a living space that effortlessly combines elegance and comfort, making it the heart and soul of the property.

This living room is guaranteed to be enjoyable for anybody, whether they choose to relax by the fireplace with a good book or entertain friends and family with a night of board games.

The Large cabin is in a gorgeous

Log cabin


One minute’s worth of walking is all that is required to get from the house to the beach. The residence may be found in a Werlas neighborhood that is regarded as one of the city’s most desirable.

A balcony or patio can be found on the property. It comes with a kitchenette that is fully equipped with a refrigerator as well as all of the culinary utensils that you could possibly need.

The location is beautiful, and if you want to remain busy there are lots of activities for you to partake in throughout the surrounding area. If you’re the kind of person who prefers to keep to yourself, take up a book.

And after that, make sure to give yourself some time to relax, either in front of the fireplace or outside on the terrace.

It is helpful to have baby gates on the terrace and upstairs for families that are traveling with children since it makes it easy to keep an eye on the younger guests.

This is especially handy for families that are staying in a room that has both a terrace and an upstairs.

This is a wonderful alternative for you to consider if you’re seeking for a place to get away from the clamor and chaos of contemporary life for a while. We were able to have a really good vacation despite the stunning surroundings that we were in.

Because of the recent cleaning that had been done and the preparation that had been made for our arrival at the fireplace, the ambiance in the house was very cozy and inviting.

The environment is wonderful, the beds are comfortable, and the kitchen has everything you could ever need. With Mr. Tomasz, we were able to maintain a high level of communication.

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