Log Cabin Ultimate Barn Is The Home Of Your Dreams

There is nothing quite like the country atmosphere that a barn log cabin radiates more than anything else. This is because barn homes are built in the traditional style.


This log cabin with the red-sided façade is quite similar to the log cabin, and it has everything that you want from a log cabin, in addition to that wonderful modern barn look that just a little bit reminds you of the cider barn in the neighborhood when fall arrives!

This log cabin also has a great modern barn look that just a little bit reminds you of the cider barn in the area!

The Exterior

This mountain mansion in Arizona is said to have “grand character and a timeless appeal” on its website, where it is also characterized as being in a quiet environment.

There is more to this rustic aspect than meets the eye. When you first enter this log cabin, you will notice that it is created in the style of a modern farmhouse.

It features exposed wood beams, barn door closures, and a big fireplace that is guaranteed to win your heart.


In addition to this, the front of the log cabin has a sizable covered porch, and the back of the log cabin has a mud room that can be used for storage as well as a warm and welcome entryway where shoes can be brushed off before entering the log cabin.

Both of these elements can be found in the back of the log cabin. This log cabin is ideal for families with children and/or pets who are looking for a new log cabin.

The Front Porch

This living area boasts a fantastic layout that makes the most of its available space. It is roomy and open, and it has plenty of seating options, including couches and chairs for the whole family.

In my perspective, there shouldn’t be too much difficulty in separating the room into two independent sections like that.

There are two separate seating areas, one of which is set around the fireplace, and the other of which is located out to the side and serves as a spot to watch television or movies.


Not only is the fireplace one of the aspects of our log cabin that we value the most, but we also really appreciate the manner in which it was built so that there is space underneath it for storing wood.

In addition to this, there are bookcases with stone inlays that are built into both the left and right sides of the space.

In addition to that, the cover that is atop the chimney and is built out of reclaimed wood is a great touch to the structure.

The Living Area

The living area opens up directly into the master bedroom, which features a stunning sliding barn door that is in keeping with the reclaimed wood that can be seen throughout the rest of the house. Just off the living room is where you’ll find the door that leads into the master bedroom.


The open loft space that serves as a wonderful play spot for children is visible from both above and to the side of the building. In addition, the upper level of the structure houses a sizable bedroom.


The Dining Room

The dining area is located in a space that also acts as a partition between the kitchen and the living room. When it comes to getting together as a family, we think the picnic table is the best option.


Even though a table like this one is more in keeping with the aesthetic of a farmhouse, the installation of a traditional dining table in this room would unquestionably result in the room’s elevation to a more refined status.


The Kitchen of the Log Cabin

We are big supporters of kitchens that are nice and roomy, and this particular kind of kitchen is one of our favorites because it not only has a massive island but also a separate alcove for the pantry.

The island that is located in the center of the room can serve either as a bar or as a breakfast nook, as is evident by looking at it.


There is a sink in this area that is distinct from the primary sink, which is situated at the far end of the room.

If you gaze in that direction, you will see a door off to the right that, when opened, will bring you into a bespoke private pantry.

We are quite appreciative of how easy it is to go to this location when you are working in the kitchen. When you take a quick look around the room, you will observe that there is a considerable amount of storage space,


In addition to some open shelves along the back wall. A kitchen that is well suited for a family that is always on the go.

The Upstairs of the Log Cabin

The spacious and airy loft that is one of my favorite places to hang out in this location can be found on the second story. The image shows a play area for children, but this would also be a great place to go if you were interested in doing some reading.


This location features an abundance of space, making it possible to set up a sizable number of bookcases, seats, and several other kinds of playthings.

This master bedroom

This master bedroom is both cozy and elegant at the same time thanks to the thoughtful design choices that were made.

log cabin


Our admiration is captured by the wide use of wood in this room, which also features a traditional ceiling fan, open window spaces, and a wardrobe. This room also features a classic ceiling fan.

The Bedroom

The bedroom located on the second level is an uncomplicated space that has accents of wood on one wall, an exposed beam on the ceiling, and light gray walls that contrast wonderfully with the wood grain in the floor and ceiling.

log cabin


The Bathroom of the Log Cabin

It should go without saying that we are going to have to take turns using the opulent soaker tub that is located in this specific bathroom.

log cabin


Even though it is only partially divided from the rest of the room, the saloon doors that are positioned at the front of the space make it a good contender for usage as a master bathroom.

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