Log Cabin Serenity: A Peek Inside A Tranquil Pennsylvania Getaway

In Pennsylvania, the first day of deer hunting season is nothing short of an unofficial holiday. Throngs of hunters take to the woods. Several years ago, a chance visit to a log cabin company on “Deer Lonely Ladies Day” was the start of a beautiful home.


The Exterior: A Symphony of Timber and Tranquility

The log cabin, nestled in the heart of Pennsylvania, stands as a testament to the craftsmanship and artistry of Timberhaven Log & Timber Homes.

The exterior is a harmonious blend of rustic charm and modern elegance, crafted from high-quality timber that echoes the surrounding woodland. As you approach, the inviting aura of the cabin envelops you, setting the stage for a serene retreat.


The attention to detail in the construction is evident – from the carefully chosen logs to the unique architectural features that seamlessly integrate the cabin into its natural surroundings.

Whether it’s the handcrafted porch or the meticulous landscaping, every element contributes to the cabin’s tranquil ambiance. Timberhaven’s commitment to quality is not just a promise but a visual and tactile reality in every inch of the exterior.

The Kitchen: Amish Craftsmanship in Every Nook

Stepping inside, the kitchen becomes the focal point of this log cabin haven. Melinda and David collaborated with Amish craftsmen from Martin Custom Cabinets in Port Trevorton, Pennsylvania, to bring their dream kitchen to life.

The lack of internet at the Amish shop only added to the authenticity of the experience, as they worked together, using graph paper to visualize and design the perfect cabinetry.

Log Cabin

The result is a kitchen that marries functionality with aesthetics seamlessly. The island, painted in a warm mustard color chosen with meticulous care, becomes a centerpiece. In the dining area, a 9-foot live-edge walnut table, handcrafted by the couple’s nephew, invites gatherings for home-cooked meals.

The kitchen is not just a space for culinary creations but a testament to the dedication of local artisans and the personalized touch they bring to every project.

The Bedroom: Spacious Retreats and Starry Nights

The bedrooms of the log cabin are a haven of space and openness, offering endless possibilities for relaxation. Whether it’s a large bed for a restful night’s sleep or a cozy reading nook bathed in natural light, each room is designed with comfort in mind.

Log Cabin

The bonus of private access to the porches brings the allure of the outdoors inside, especially enhancing the master bedroom experience.

Imagine sneaking out to stargaze for a romantic date night on a clear Pennsylvania evening. The spacious design and thoughtful layout of the bedrooms create an atmosphere of tranquility, making the log cabin not just a home but a retreat from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

The Bathroom: Antique Elegance and Sentimental Touches

Melinda’s approach to the bathrooms reflects a unique blend of practicality and sentimentality. Instead of opting for new vanities, she chose antique furnishings, each with its own story to tell.

A buffet that once belonged to her grandmother and an old ice chest from David’s mother’s home now serve as distinctive vanities in the home’s powder room and three full bathrooms.

Log Cabin

This approach not only adds a touch of antique elegance to the bathrooms but also weaves a narrative of family history into the very fabric of the log cabin.

The bathrooms, adorned with these repurposed treasures, become intimate spaces that transcend mere functionality, reflecting Kirchner’s deep connection to their roots.

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