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The Oklahoma log cabin recording studio is known as “Settle In,” and it has space for a total of two guests. It can be found in the town of Broken Bow.

On this structure, you will find white oak used for the construction of beams as well as log siding. The Energy Star rating has been bestowed upon the windows, doors, and appliances of this log cabin, which paves the way for the log cabin to become certified as environmentally friendly.


A cozy log cabin can be found at this location. It includes one bedroom, an open floor plan, and a covered porch that is four hundred square feet in size. In addition to that, the living room has a fireplace that you can use.


The Living Area

Without a shadow of a question, one of our absolute favorite areas of the house is the living space that is located on the main floor of the log cabin.

It does a really good job of combining the two quite different styles, namely the formal elegance of the living room with the homey warmth and rustic allure of the surrounding region.


The presence of a fireplace makes the room feel more intimate, yet exiting through the French doors or the lovely archway of windows on the side provides access to views that are just breathtaking of the river and the nature in the surrounding area.

The Bedroom of the Log Cabin

If you walk up to the top level of the house, you will find a bedroom that has its very own private window seat and a dormer window that has a door that leads out to its very own private little balcony.

If you go up to the top level of the house, you will also find a bathroom that has its very own private jacuzzi tub.

log cabin


This level of the house contains the primary sleeping quarters of the log cabin. What a heavenly spot it would be to call your very own little sanctuary, completely cut off from the rest of the world!

The Bathroom of the Log Cabin

This apartment has a bathroom that is both stunningly contemporary and lavish, and it is located directly next to the primary bedroom.

The fact that this large shower is lined with tiles and has a glass door gives the impression that it is considerably more spacious than it is. This is because it creates the appearance that it is much more expansive than it is.

log cabin


As a result of the contrast with the overall atmosphere of the rustic setting, the contemporary space appears lovely when it is set against the log walls.

The Outside

On one of the decks outside, you will find a table for dining as well as a gas grill (propane is provided for use with the grill). This deck is situated near the area where the hot tub can be found. 

log cabin


The Timber Creek Trails Merchants are located not far from Crystal Creek and can be reached in only a few minutes thanks to the small distance between the two. 

The majority of Hochatown’s additional food alternatives as well as tourism destinations may be found in the direction of Broken Bow, which is around 8 kilometers away from the city center.

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