“Living Life to the Fullest: Incredible Itty’s Inspiring Journey”

"Living Life to the Fullest: Incredible Itty's Inspiring Journey"

Hello, everyone! We continued to discover for you. In this episode, we will see “Living Life to the Fullest: Incredible Itty’s Inspiring Journey”.

The nurse at the clinic used social media to reach out to people who advocate for the rights of animals in order to ask for assistance for a kitten that was in trouble.

Cass, a foster volunteer with Foster Kittens of Melbourne, was the first to respond and offer to take the kitten in when she heard about the situation.

Cass was finally able to take care of the kitten after it had been on a perilous voyage that lasted for two and a half hours. In spite of his bad health, the cat was cheerful and full of energy when we first encountered him.

Even though his eyes were swollen, red, and crusted up, he gave no indication that he was in any distress. He had been transferred in an informal manner inside a hat, which was functioning as a carrier, and he was now free to move around.


Cass and her partner established a warm and welcoming environment for the kitten within the confines of the playpen, and they began providing it with syringe feedings on the hour.

The little kitten was filled with gratitude, as evidenced by the fact that it quickly consumed all of its medication and eye drops without making any objections.

The pair watched with glee as the kitten relaxed and fell asleep, pleased that it had eaten enough for the day, surrounded by warmth and affection from its caretakers.


Even though the man was suffering from severe eyes and had been through a great deal of stress before arriving at the veterinarian’s office, he nonetheless managed to maintain an upbeat attitude.

After a few days had passed, the couple began to notice that the little miracle had some peculiar characteristics.


Photo Courtesy of Ban Tin

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