Little Stone House in the Heart of Dublin

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The Exterior of this house

The minimalist lifestyle is gaining more and more attention these days. The search for new tiny residences specifically for you continues.

In today’s post, we are going to acquaint you with the Crows’ Hermitage Tiny Stone House in Dublin, which is ideal for living the simple lifestyle of your desires.

The Future homes will likely take the form of smaller and more compact structures. People are looking for other ways to live their lives in order to escape the chaos of city life and live a life of tranquility surrounded by nature.

There are several benefits that smaller homes offer over larger ones. Because of this, many people prefer living in smaller homes.

In 2008, the owner of this enchanting hideaway transformed a stone barn into a modest cottage using recycled materials.

The property is in Dublin, Ireland, and boasts an excellent location for exploring both Dublin and the east coast of Ireland.

The house’s rustic ambiance, along with the fact that it overlooks the garden and the ruins of the Abbey, makes for an ideal setting for a romantic getaway for its visitors. The home is available for rent through the website Airbnb.

The stone building that may be found on the property surrounding the owner’s cottage is known as the barn. The entrance to the house, which features its very own parking lot as well as an outdoor seating space, leads to a garden that can be enjoyed by the guests.

There is room for up to two people in the accommodations that are provided.

PARTS OF THE HOME 1,001 square feet, with 1 living room, 1 bedroom, 1 kitchen, and 1 bathroom.

The Interior

The interior of the home has a country-like feel to it throughout. This tiny stone cottage includes skylights, which allow more light to enter the house. An atmosphere that is open and airy has been made available inside.

There are books stored in the storage that is built into the walls.

There is a living room at the basement level of the property, and it comes equipped with a fireplace. The door that leads outdoors is covered by substantial drapes.

The Kitchen

The kitchen is compact but functional. And it contains all of the essential appliances for preparing delicious meals. The restroom is located right next to the kitchen.

The bedroom is located on the second floor. Stairs provide entrance to this room, which is furnished with a double bed. Keeping an eye on the clouds above from the roof window is an excellent idea.

At the same time, a quaint nook by the window at the head of the bed was transformed into a place to sit and enjoy a good book.








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