Lady Builds Affordable Tiny House in Expensive California

In the episode, we will see a Lady Builds Affordable Tiny House located in California.

The living area

In the living area, we also have this custom sofa and this cushion is made out of hemp and flax we custom ordered it so you can actually lay down and use it as a bed too and we made the proportions exactly to my size so we can sleep on Oh it perfect it’s really important that people measure themselves, so it’s actually customized to their space or to themselves. And another thing is, uh, the pillows here.  

This is obviously my desk, which I had planned for, um, large-size drawings because that’s what I do. The beauty of this is now there’s shoe storage because so you come into the door and my closet is on the other side, but it’s so much more convenient to have it right here. My boyfriend and I constantly just hang out here and when we have to eat, we’re always wanting to put something down. And I knew I didn’t want to keep it permanently here.

The kitchen of the Tiny House

The kitchen is ironically more spacious than any kitchen I’ve lived in in guest houses. light is a really important feature. So I have windows, strategically located right off of the sink. I wanted the things that are really important too to make the sink really functional.

The bathroom of this Tiny House

The bathroom when you enter is the art glass, the beautiful art glass because again, another friend of mine had designed it with the other person who did my wardrobe closet and she actually took trunks of Sycamore branches and rolled it behind to get the texture that you see here, which gives the privacy behind the glass but still allows light throughout. Because when you have a small area like this kitchen.

Tiny house

The roof is not a 45 degree, it’s a 40-degree angle, so it allows you to maximize your top plate height on the walls. So instead of it being like under seven feet, my top plate here, it’s about eight feet. So you have almost a foot on either. And so it’s, it’s still, you know, fairly usable and you don’t feel that claustrophobic in here because you gain much more space for the head height as a result of it. So when I just crawled into bed at night just watching the birds and the sky.   

Tiny house

The out door

For the out door we had to put 80 square feet or, so this is about 16 feet in length. And this is about another seven feet, so it’s at least double the square footage of my great room. So I have my dining area here most of the time during the summer especially, um, and just hanging out space As we go through around the corner here we have the grey water system. That’s a really super simple system. It terminates from the shower below and then the white hose is just, you know, small like half-inch opening that goes to my grapefruit tree on the other side there.  

Tiny house

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