Krissy Newman’s Interior Magic: A Log Cabin Home Showcase

Nestled amidst the tranquility of nature, the log cabin we’re about to explore is more than just a dwelling; it’s a testament to the exquisite fusion of rustic charm and modern comfort.


As we step into this haven, curated by Krissy Newman, the wife of former Stewart-Haas Racing driver Ryan Newman and close friend to Tony Stewart, prepare to be enchanted by the warmth and beauty that unfolds within.

The Living Room: A Breathtaking Welcome

The open floor plan of the living room immediately captivates visitors, offering tall ceilings that enhance the sense of space and airiness.

A fireplace graces one side, providing not just warmth but also a focal point that anchors the room. On the opposite side, a magnificent wall of windows invites the outdoors in, offering breathtaking views of the surrounding property.

Log Cabin

What sets this living room apart is the seamless blend of modern style and comfort alongside the rustic wood and stonework.

The cozy ambiance created is nothing short of inviting, making the space feel much larger than its physical footprint. It’s a perfect harmony of nature and design that encourages a sense of calm and relaxation.

The Kitchen: Where Southwest Meets Classic Elegance

Moving into the heart of the home, the kitchen is a delightful surprise. A corner kitchen layout adds a touch of uniqueness, complemented by a fun tiled countertop around the stove and island bar.

The influence of the Southwest is evident in the design, offering a playful yet sophisticated atmosphere.

Log Cabin

Classic wood cabinets, varying in sizes and spaces, contribute to the functionality of the space. They provide ample room for pantry supplies, cookware, dinnerware, and even small appliances.

The introduction of modern stainless steel appliances may seem like an unexpected choice in such a rustic setting, but it’s precisely this contrast that adds a touch of luxury without compromising the overall aesthetic.

This kitchen is not just a place for culinary creations; it’s a family-style hub for simple meals and entertaining.

The Bedroom: Cozy Retreat in Nature’s Embrace

As we venture into the bedrooms, the beauty continues to unfold. Large open windows allow natural light to flood the space, creating a serene and comfortable atmosphere.

Log Cabin

The design is a harmonious mix of modern and rustic elements, seamlessly blending recessed lighting with open, tall ceilings. Each bedroom is a perfect cocoon at the end of the day, inviting residents to unwind in a space that combines beauty and comfort.

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