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Invisible Tiny House With Mirror Exterior in the Wood

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In this episode, we will see an Invisible Mirror Cabin Tiny House in the Wood

This tiny house is located in Tennessee it’s about 30 minutes outside, of Chattanooga this property has insane views there are tons of trees and mountains as well.

The Exterior of the Tiny House

The exterior of this tiny house is very unique the floor-to-ceiling of this house is the mirror and in nature, it just looks very cool and interesting reflecting all of the trees this house is also on top of this clip Edge overlooking the valley below a beautiful property.

This tiny house is about 200 square feet of living space similar to a 20-foot shipping container the entire front side, is very beautiful you have a patio space area and a fire pit with some firewood provided.

There is a couple of chairs, and then a two-person hot tub so this is the perfect romantic getaway of course from the fire pit from the hot tub you can overlook the valley through the trees here below the sun rises on this side is just beautiful.

Inside the Tiny House

Whenever you walk inside immediately the glass windows are all around and it’s pretty tinted in here you can see the outside nature all around and it might be a little reflective as well.

The Kitchen

This is your kitchen and dining space on the right side, you have a small table with two chairs there are coloring books there’s a record player up here on these shelves.

On this section is your main countertop space you got some floating shelves up here with your dishes there’s a sink right here and below there are some drawers that have your cooking supplies.

The Bedroom of the Tiny House

This is your bed space you got a beautiful bed setup and there’s even a small closet to store your bags there is also a projector up here so you can watch some movies.

The Bathroom

The last part of this tiny house is your bathroom space you can be here taking a shower or be on the toilet and you can look at the nature around you which is pretty awesome.

The shower is on the right side, you’ve got the waterfall shower head with the tiling on the ground it’s very cool and then on the back side, you got this black toilet and some shelves. and then your vanity.Tiny house

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