Inside This Lake Arrowhead Cozy A-frame Cabin

In the episode, we will see Inside This Lake Arrowhead Cozy A-frame Cabin located in Southern California.

This is a beautiful Lake and this A-Frame cabin is in the mountains Lake Arrowhead is a very popular uh tourist area for people that live in San Bernardino or just Southern.

The Living room

This Living room this space is really beautiful and you have a fireplace that helps a ton with that the wood shiplap and paneling all along the ceiling and the wall and these huge wood beams on the wall as well all come together to make a really cool living room space case you have everything you need in here.

And In the corner, you can see a standing door and standing glass and a thousand dollars just for a little window so really cool and beautiful window, this room is very relaxing and cozy and you can see a TV in the corner because that’s not the main focal point of the Living room that would be a fireplace.

The Kitchen

This Kitchen is really spacious in here plenty of countertop space that goes all the way around here the kind of bar and on the table, you can see a microwave and you got the floating shelves up above here with all the dishwashers the wood floating shelves, and you have a large fridge.

The Bathroom

This bedroom is on the main level right here you can see a shower and in the toilet and the huge shower against this wall the tiling is pretty unique it’s like mini bricks we haven’t really seen this type of tiling before so you like this then this is what it might look like in your own house it’s pretty cool very spacious bathroom.

The Bedroom

The bedroom is the most beautiful place it’s just a bed up against the wall the window there’s also a washer and dryer Behind These curtains and then the main bedroom.


The Main Bedroom of the cabin

The main bedroom of this cabin is huge here you can see how tall the ceilings go uh we’re at the point of the A-frame up in here lots of room for activities, especially in this middle area, the window all around pretty nice to have good natural lighting and pretty bright.


The Bathroom of the cabin

In this room, you as maximum relaxation from this hot tub window all around a chair and you also have a toilet and sink this room is very clean and smells so good to make you feel fresh.


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