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In this episode, we will see an INNOVATIVE MODERN SCANDINAVIAN CABIN!

Welcome to this stunning Scandinavian cabin. located in Rawdon, Quebec, Canada

The Exterior

We are going to see unique architecture and the layout is pretty simple, so you have a picnic table and you can also move these screens around on all sides for some more protection.

The Interior of Cabin

This room has two-door, the first one is just a utility room and the other one is a normal closet.


All around this corner and come down this long hall and eventually go through this door on the left this is bedroom number one of three.


The First Bedroom

The smallest of the three bedrooms and it definitely has that minimalist Scandinavian style with the wood finishing.


The Second Bedroom

It almost feels partially like an A-frame But the bed is super comfy and is facing this huge window with views straight out into the woods.

Down below there are some extra pillows and blankets and up top, there are some hangers. And last but not least, in this other direction there is a small desk if you want to do some remote work.

The Bathroom

There is a small desk if you want to do some remote work. On the left, you have a couple of shelves and then a simple toilet and sink. Your shower is made up of these small square tiles and has everything that you need.

The Kitchen of Cabin

In the kitchen now, behind your large countertop now we can see some of your kitchen necessities and this is actually a fancy espresso maker. 

The fridge and freezer. it reveals your in-unit washer and dryer, and behind the countertop, you can see some of your kitchen necessities.

The Living room of cabin

There are so many windows in this main building natural light streams in with ease.

And if I look up, I can see how tall these vaulted ceilings are Often the best part of any cozy cabin living room is the wood stove.

The Master bedroom of cabin

This room has a queen mattress in it and is similar in size to the second bedroom.

here’s also another one of those big windows at the end and this large desk where you can get some work done And yes, there is Wifi here deep in the woods.

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