Incredible Off-The-Grid Earthship Tiny House

In this episode, we will see an Incredible Off-The-Grid Earthship Tiny House

This Incredible Off-The-Grid Earthship Tiny House is located in Adelaide, South Australia it was built by Martin and Zoe, as a challenge to create Australia’s first council-approved Earthship.

The Exterior of the Tiny House

This tiny house is an off-the-grid building made out of natural and recycled materials it’s a bit like a spaceship or a sailing boat there has to be self-sufficient doing everything for itself with its powerful water and sewage it’s also called an Earthship because it uses a lot of earth.

This Earthship house is about 70 square meters so the main living space is about 25 the greenhouse is about the same 25 and then the bathrooms are 10 and the entry is also 10 meters.

Inside the Tiny House

The first section of this tiny house is the garden space it’s like having a forest it’s the most beautiful part of the Earthship you can grow food in here there are some banana trees and some flowers as well.

There is seating as well here where you can enjoy the morning coffee or tea with the beautiful scenery from the outside.

The Sleeping Area

This is an open-concept design it’s quite spacious there is a king-size bed right in the middle with a comfortable floor so you can fold this bed away to a couch as well it’s very unique.

The Kitchen of the Tiny House

The first thing in this kitchen area is your fireplace it’s apart from the heater provided and the cooking function.

There is a little kitchenette over there and also this cupboard that some regulating the airflow for the earth tubes that’s also designed as a bench seat and then you got a little bit of storage in it as we.

The Bathroom

This bathroom is pretty spacious and the design is very beautiful there is a bathtub on the right side with a little window right behind that makes this bathtub feel cozy.

On this side, is your full-size shower and then on the other side, there is a toilet and storage and even a sink with a mirror and then your washer and dryer combo.Tiny house

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