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Incredible Luxurious Tiny House with Amazing Exterior Design

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In this episode, we will see an Incredible Luxurious Tiny House with an Amazing Exterior Design

Welcome to the Incredible Luxurious Tiny House with an Amazing Exterior Design in this property you got two tiny houses one is 400sqft and the small one is 160sqft.

The Exterior of the Tiny House

This is a perfect exterior design it’s combined with a lot of colors here there is black corrugated aluminum and then the Abaco Wood which is beautiful. The decking space of this tiny house is quite spacious there are some plants here and a comfy couch for you to enjoy your time here.

The Interior of the Tiny House

Walk through this garage door you will see your living area there is an L-shaped couch right next to the wall with a coffee table and beautiful floor and even artwork and a window.

There is a big TV right on your coffee table it’s perfectly built to save space you just fold it up and enjoy your time with the TV.

The Kitchen Space

The kitchen of this tiny house is pretty spacious there is a long countertop space, and the first section is your dining space right behind the window with two chairs.

Right across from the dining space is your washer and dryer and your full-size fridge and then your stovetop with a lot of cabinets above and below.

In this section is your sink and storage space and then your dishwasher below the countertop.

The Bathroom of the Tiny House

This bathroom space is very beautiful there is a full-size shower with charming tiling and a low window above that to bright light into this bathroom.

Right behind this shower is a toilet with a flower and beautiful artwork above and then your vanity with a huge sink.

The Loft Bedroom Space

This loft is very spacious you got a queen-size bed and artwork on the wall and then a nightstand behind the bed with a little light.

The Second Tiny House

This is your tiny house on wheels that is located on the right side, of the main house it’s a music room there are a lot of violins in here, and then your seating area you got two comfy chairs and a coffee table.Tiny house

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