Incredible Log Cabin Hidden In The Woods And Very Attractive

The Cle Elum log cabin is a magnificent log cabin nestled in the hills, and the vistas are going to be one of the most appealing features of the property to prospective buyers.


With its very own private pond in the backyard, this log cabin is the ideal place to get away from the hustle and bustle of the outside world. defined by its wide-open spaces and its rustic parts, as well as the charm of its history.

The exterior

The beauty that is about to be displayed in front of your very eyes starts to take shape the moment you pull up to the log cabin, or at the very least, the time you step up to the front door of the log cabin.


The remarkable combination of stone and timberwork that welcomes you as you enter is just the beginning of the rustic beauty that can be seen throughout the building.


The Inside of the Log Cabin

The main level of the log cabin features a wonderful open area that is connected in a way that is both practical and visually beautiful.

This area contains the living room, kitchen, and dining room, all of which are situated near one another.


All of the areas are supposed to be open to one another because the plan was designed with the assumption that it would be used for social gatherings or by families.

The Living Room

The living room takes up one-half of the space afforded by this open area. On the opposite wall of the log cabin, which is also the wall that contains the fireplace, there is a stunning stone backdrop that spans the length of the wall.


The entire length of the back wall is made up of windows, providing an unobstructed view of the breathtaking natural scenery that is all around the property.

The wall is encircled by a simple arrangement of comfy sofas and chairs, and a television is placed above the mantle in the center of the room to serve as the main point.

The space is neutral in color. A night in front of the television with the family provides the ideal setting in which to unwind and ease into territory that is already known.


The Kitchen of the Log Cabin

In the photograph that follows, you can see the entire kitchen as well as the dining room that is concealed behind the living space.

The protrusion of one side of the area into the dining room is a feature that we particularly like about the space.


This keeps a proximity to it while at the same time giving it a small measure of seclusion to some degree. In addition, there is sufficient room on the kitchen island to accommodate five bar stools.

This not only provides you with a complete dining area, but it also provides you with a breakfast nook or bar that is intimate enough for your children or for you to use when you are having your morning coffee.

The range hood is constructed of stainless steel, the refrigerator has a finish that looks like cabinetry, and the island provides a significant amount of space for preparing food.

The kitchen is spacious and decorated in a modern style. In this perspective, the location of the stairs logs cabin that leads down to the basement of the property can be easily discerned on the side of the log cabin where the view is being taken.


This view provides you with a better look into the dining area, enabling you to see the dark wood stains that are on the table and chairs, as well as more of the kitchen, including a closer look at the bespoke tile that is positioned behind the stove.

In addition, this view provides you with a better look into the dining area, allowing you to see the dark wood stains that are on the floor.

The Master Bedroom

It is impossible to adequately describe how stunning the master bedroom is. It comes with a variety of unique extras, which is something that we truly value.

On the same side of the bedroom as the bed, you’ll find the private patio doors that go out to the rest of the log cabin. A chest of drawers can be found on the wall that is directly across from the bed.


Using a worn or reclaimed piece of wood to construct a barn door covering for the space that is often reserved for the television.

The Bedroom of the Log Cabin

You can also see, off to the side log cabin, a door with the same pattern that leads into the main bedroom’s attached bathroom. If you go through this door, you can access the master bedroom.

A fantastic addition that has both clean lines and the illusion of having been exposed to the elements all over it.

log cabin


The Bathroom

If you have a look at the image that has been provided for you below, you will have a good notion of how incredible the bathroom is.

It comes with two sink vanities and magnificent woodwork, and in the background, there is a one-of-a-kind shower that has a substantial amount of unique tiling.

log cabin


The Basement

On the level below the main floor of the log cabin, you will find a living area that is comparable to the one found on the main floor.

In addition to a fireplace that is located on the side wall, some doors may be used to access the patio.

log cabin


It is a nice space that emanates warmth, and it would be ideal for setting up a guest suite or a designated spot for the youngsters to play games on their own on their own time.

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