In the great state of Texas, a cat with only one leg was recently rescued.

In the great state of Texas, a cat with only one leg was recently rescued.

Hello, everyone! We continued to discover for you. In this episode, we will see In the great state of Texas, a cat with only one leg was recently rescued.

The employees at The Cattery Cat Shelter in Corpus Christi, Texas, chose to give the three kittens the names Peter Rabbit, Thumper, and Cecily Parsley after fictitious rabbits after a good Samaritan delivered three tailless kittens to the shelter.

Katie Hattfield, who is in charge of the organization’s social media, said that when the animals did not have their tails and when their ears and eyes were enlarged, they resembled small bunnies.

When the kittens were brought in on April 3, 2018, they were less than two months old.

An checkup found that Cecily was born with Manx syndrome, a congenital disorder that causes tailless cats to suffer spinal abnormalities.

These concerns can lead to health problems such as incontinence and partial paralysis.

The veterinarian found that in addition to Manx syndrome, Cecily had deformed rear limbs, which rendered it hard for her to utilise her back legs.

As a result, she was given a home for the rest of her life at The Cattery Cat Shelter, which is a shelter for homeless cats.

Katie explains, “At first I don’t think we knew exactly what we were getting ourselves into,” but as the scenario progressed with the veterinarian, they helped us realise that she would have this handicap, and of course, we were willing and able to cater for her.

Cecily began biting on her hind legs not long after she arrived at the shelter in Texas; as a result, she sustained significant injuries to her lower extremities.

Cecily’s habit of intentionally inflicting pain on herself greatly increased the likelihood that she would have an infection.

As a result, the veterinarian concluded that it would be in Cecily’s best interest to have her back legs amputated, especially given the fact that she was unable to use them.

According to Katie, “She was a kitten at the time, and she recovered quickly,” and it didn’t take long for Cecily to acclimatise to her new existence as a two-legged cat after she was injured.

Cecily is doing exceptionally well and can be seen residing in the Teen Room at The Cattery Cat Shelter with more than 20 other cats.

Her arrival at the shelter was over three years ago, and since then, she has been a resident there.

Cecily is not all that dissimilar to your typical cat in terms of her personality and behaviour, despite the common misconception that cats with special needs are unable to lead happy and active lives.

Katie notes that not only does she use the exercise wheel, but she also likes snacks and wet food and is always running around chasing her friends.

Even though she is unable to climb cat trees, she still enjoys playing with toys and using cat scratchers. It is not out of the question for her to lead a happy and healthy life.


In point of fact, the only significant difference between Cecily and a conventional cat is that she is unable to climb trees like other cats do, and because of her incontinence, she needs to take frequent washes and wear diapers, as well as clothing to help keep the diapers in place.

Katie notes that the fact that her daughter wears diapers makes it more likely that she will contract an infection. Because of this, the two times per day that she has a bath and wears a clean diaper are absolute need.


The fact that the staff and volunteers at the shelter are willing and able to provide Cecily with the additional care and attention she requires to thrive is a testament to the fact that even cats with unique needs are capable of leading fulfilling lives.

Cecily, on the other hand, is considerably more of a challenge to care for than a cat that would, for example, be missing only one of its eyes or legs because she is unable to control her bladder and only has two legs.

Katie explains that her daily care requires a lot of time, work, and money behind the scenes. Some of the things that go into her care include diapers, clothes, special food, and routine trips to the veterinarian as well as tests to ensure that she is healthy.


Photo Courtesy of Ban Tin

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