in the Cozy log cabin iddle of the countryside

This Cabin is very Relax at a log cabin iddle of the countryside in the midst of Schleswig-Holstein and let your thoughts wander.




You can unwind by the natural pond while sipping wine in the evening or reading a book while gazing out over the surrounding fields.


In this Cabin, you have some hot chocolate in front of the fireplace in case the weather in northern Germany takes you by surprise.


At the far end of the land, hidden from view, is a tiny red house, and it’s so beautiful and amazing place.


There’s enough room inside for two people, plus heating or a wood-burning fireplace for those chilly nights.


The setting is stunning, and the stay was incredibly restful.


The hosts are kind and thoughtful people who want to provide you with an unforgettable stay.


If you’re searching for some quiet time, the little house is the place to be!


Although the room is somewhat small, you won’t feel squished because to the lofted blanket.


We were on our way through and couldn’t have been happier. Get out into nature and let your worries melt away.


We only stayed for one night, but the garden and surrounding fields were so peaceful and beautiful that we wished we could have stayed longer.


We braved the thunderstorms and rain to eat our delivered pizza under the trees, and then we dove into the safety and security of the TinyHouse, where we slept wonderfully.

log cabin with all the comforts of hom





The perfect location to kick back and unwind is in our cozy log cabin that has been thoughtfully equipped. It is in close proximity to our personal residence and is forested all around.


We have accommodations for two people that include a kitchen, a bathroom with a shower, and either a bedroom or a living area.


You will have the option to take a refreshing dip in our pool during the warmer months of the year.


Thomas is a lovely host who is also quite flexible. He goes above and above to assist, be courteous to, and attend to the needs of his visitors.


They are wonderful for riding bicycles about in so that one can take in the surrounding natural beauty and little towns.


The home is extremely spacious and filled with various amusements. Additionally, a kitchen that is properly supplied, which is unusual.


The cabin is roomy and cozy, thanks in large part to the presence of an internal fireplace. Because it is entirely made of wood, it exudes that warm and inviting scent.


The Cozy and Adorable Little Cabin Complete with a Fireplace and Sauna. Ideal for a getaway with your significant other.


You won’t have to go anywhere else because the Cabin has everything you require. Additionally, the host is really pleasant.


This cabin is a Wonderful stay, gorgeous setting, cosy hutt, sauna and pool quite close by, and extremely kind hosts with a warm welcome; all of these combined to make for an unforgettable experience.

Our time in this quaint cabin was filled with wonderful memories.

There are many different ways to have fun, including ebikes, a pool, and a sauna; there is something for everyone.

They were very kind, the home was immaculately clean, toasty, and inviting, and the surrounding neighbourhood is wonderful for taking leisurely strolls, unwinding, and escaping the hectic pace of city life.

The Log Cabin situated at the very peak of the mountain





A Cabin of type A that is located at the very peak of the mountain, far from any other buildings or people, and at an elevation of around one thousand meters above sea level

Both the clean quality of the air here and the sense of calm and quiet that is characteristic of this location are maintained at all times.

The topography around the Cabin and the settlements that are located nearby is rugged and mountainous on all sides, therefore it is surrounded on all sides.

We refer to the largest valley as “the Prahova Balcony” because to the wonderful view that can be had over the city of Ploiesti and even Bucharest in the distance on days when the weather is clear.

It is difficult to get away from the presence of the surrounding towns and the city of Ploiesti itself since the light that comes from the neighboring villages and even the city of Ploiesti itself makes your eyes happy.

In addition to this, it is challenging for you to relocate outside of the city of Ploiesti itself.

Due to the fact that we were just traveling through, we were only able to remain for one night, but we made the most of every opportunity to be outside in this incredibly laid-back environment.

If you’re seeking for a place to hang out that’s quiet and secluded, the little house is the ideal spot for you to go!

This place provided a really comfortable setting for our overnight stay! A high-end microhome that provides you with all of your requirements.

It is set on a gorgeous, expansive property that enjoys some degree of seclusion and privacy.

Although the room is somewhat small, you won’t feel claustrophobic thanks to the comfy bed and the elevated blanket that sits just over it.

Comfortable seaside cabin with a view.





The cabin has a bed, a kitchen, and all the necessary cooking utensils. The cabin has a composting toilet that is located outside.

In the summer, you can use the yard hose to fill up your watering can while inside the home.

The cabin stores 25 liters during the colder months, but we’re located on the peak, so we can easily retrieve more as needed.

The cabin is located further out on the ocean. There is nobody around, so you may sleep with the lights off and watch boats go by, the northern lights dance above, and perhaps even a reindeer graze right outside your window.

The cabin has a beautiful setting, right on the water’s edge.

The hut does not have running water, however, there is a garden right outside.

If you’re expecting a cabin with a bathroom and a shower, I recommend waiting for the owner to make such additions in the next iteration of the cabin.

The bed is warm and comfortable, and the cabin is a nice place to spend the night.

The cabin was a fantastic place to stay. Peaceful, beautiful, and convenient location!

There’s nothing you’ll need in the cabin.

The lodge lived up to its billing as a secluded, peaceful retreat with a fireplace and stunning scenery.

A secluded cabin in a stunning setting. The cabin was comfortable and remote, with breathtaking scenery outside its windows.

We had a wonderful, exciting time there. Beautiful northern lights were seen from the cabin’s porch.

We were completely self-sufficient.

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